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  1. The company claimed that it was only for the European VFR X model.  Well, shit... it's the same damned frame! Sure 'nuf, it bolted right on. Slicker than snot and dead sexy! You can hear all 4 cylinders. Not to mention it's only 4lbs!  😁😎


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  2. GUILTY! Though I've pared down from 9 bikes. The stable got down to four after my Suzuki GSX-S750 got totaled. I locked it up on wet pavement.  😞  All I got was a broken little pinky and some gnarly bruises. lol


    Anyway, I just couldn't pass up a smokin' deal on another track bike last month, so I'm back to five. The new boy is a 2007 SV650. Ditched the handlebars for clipons and lots more mods yet to come.....


    Yea. It's an addiction!  ROFL 


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