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  1. 26 minutes ago, Woodie said:


    if the discs were warped then cleaning the bobbins wont do anything, but if the carrier is bent it might allow the steel of the disc to find it's own true by not pulling them out of shape.


    TBH I was prepared to go buy new discs but the bobbin clean cured it.

    I went by process of elimination. Tried the easy "diy" steps first before getting the discs checked at a friends shop.

    You're lucky the bobbin clean cured your issue.

  2. My Givi side racks aren't clearing my highmount pipe. Not a huge surprise as I have read the threads on here and elsewhere and thought it might be a problem, but my TwoBros can is small in diameter so I was hoping it wouldn't be that big a deal.

    So I added some washers and a longer bolt to one of the supports and I have tweaked the exhaust mount a bit to try and move it inwards. So far I have managed to get the rack ever so slightly away from the can, but with long rides I'm sure it will touch and rub a bit.

    I'm not worried about heat as much as I am worried about vibration and rubbing.

    What else can anyone suggest I do to get extra clearance?

    ...or maybe add something to the Givi rack to help with the inevitable rubbing? Thick tape maybe?

     You can see washers in this pic easier. That bar ain't bent. Well it is but it comes that way to clear the plate.

  3. 20 minutes ago, RVFR said:

    Perfect  the hunt is on.  I just googled it,  nothing comes up,  then on KNs web site it says it doesn't recognize the number. Hmmm?

    There might be an H infront of the A

    I'll have to double check next time I take the tank off.

  4. 3 minutes ago, RVFR said:

    Good god.. I've looked high and low as there was a rumor that KN did have a lager version,  any chance you have a part number,  the one I see here looks like A-8098


    That's the same part number on this filter. You can see it at the top right of the image. Above the K&N logo and beside the "MADE IN THE USA" writing.

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  5. 20 hours ago, RVFR said:

    Thanks,  funny you bring this up.  I'm looking all over the inter net for what i thought was a newer style KN,  but it's a knock off with a larger surface area.  IDK what goes into making a filter do what it does. but that idea is a good one. Might just have to try this on for size. I also have an extra air box to play with too. First I'll give the KN another chance but something tells me it won't help,  if much,   it's all trial and error now.  Just hard to believe the results, especially after what Mike saw the results where,  everything points to better performance, smh. This wasn't his first rodeo,  so if he's surprised there's something a miss.     


     I have one of those larger surface area K&N's. I read on the forums all about how the K&N was a lousy filter with a small surface area. Knowing the PO installed a K&N I went and ordered a Pipercross. 

    When I lifted the tank to take a gander I saw this:

    Not the tiny surface area K&N I was expecting. The pipercross sits on the shelf. I was gonna install it but now after seeing your dyno.....hmmmmm

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  6. Is a bigger oil cooler always better? I've read that there is an ideal oil temperature, and lower than that is not ideal. Certainly thicker oil and less flow would come to mind.

    Anyone got any better knowledge on the science of oil coolers?

    Good question.

    I also wonder how the oil pressure is effected by having an oil cooler with larger diameter piping.

    Anyone do a mod like this on a 4th gen?

  7. Well I ordered the modulator, but then had problems ordering the LED light.... Turns out they don't ship to Canada unless you purchase $25 or more.

    If anyone in the US is ordering one for themselves I will gladly paypal you the money to order one for me, plus any additional shipping costs for you to forward it to me... Should only be $2-5.. It would truly be appreciated.

    Where are you located in Canada?

    A local company here sells LED's and Modulators.


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