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  1. 16 minutes ago, Kbear said:

    Wow, is all I can say. To let someone go that was actually caught on video in a "Hit and Run" is pretty sorry. What if someone were on the bike? Would it matter then I wonder? It's a good thing you weren't on the bike!


     Yeah it was an overall upsetting situation but grateful no one was hurt. Even more upsetting was I was about to start a weekend trip on the bike. I had just gone inside my place to feed my cat and get my helmet. Came out less than 10 mins later to find the bike on it's side.

    When the Police refused to lay charges they said because it happened in a parking lot. I countered with "So when I leave the Police station, if my car hits all of your personal vehicles on the way out I won't be charged?" The Officer countered by telling me not to be a smart ass. Lazy bastards.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Kbear said:

    I almost started to cry when I watched that video. Surely the work was paid for by insurance to fix your bike? And was that person in the truck even confronted regarding a hit and run? 


     Insurance covered the cost to fix the damage, however they couldn't source the fairings so they just cut me a cheque. 

    I was able to find the driver and I convinced him to report his side of the accident report, however Toronto Police refused to press any charges and didn't even care to see the video. They were less than helpful.  😥

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  3. 10 hours ago, Grum said:

    Holy Cow. Why are these pickups so frigging HUGE!

    Guess the owner needs a turning circle the size of a football field! 

    Such a shame, your bike looked to be well clear of that monstrosity, the idiot obviously not used to the size of the monster!

    Didn't even straighten his already turned wheels to avoid you before moving off!


     Yeah he was a big idiot 😡

    I find a lot of the drivers here with larger vehicles don't know how to properly handler their size. 

  4. I had side hard bags on my bike when it got hit and knocked over in my parking lot. Thankfully the Givi hard bags took the brunt of the damage.



     I'd say the only downside was that it puts most of the weight on the front signal area. 

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  5. I'm surprised more car & bike enthusiasts don't get their oil tested. So many oil threads, and peoples opinions on Oil change intervals, Oil Brands, Filter brands can be so strongly and religiously yelled from the mountain top, yet if you ask how many people have sent their oil to a lab for analysis you'd only see a few hands come up. 


    Takes all of the guess work out of oil, oil filters and oil change intervals. 


    I remember someone once mentioned on a VFR forum that the Gear Driven Cams in VFR's breaks down most oils faster than other engines and oil could lose it's viscosity faster.

    So when I did my next oil change I sent a sample to Blackstone Labs. They reported the Viscosity was still at 10w40 levels and wear levels looked good.

    That answers that.


    Someone at Honda told me that the factory Oil filters was made by a new, cheaper company now and may not perform as well as before. So I sent an oil sample to the lab after an oil change, and they reported the oil had low insoluble readings and looked good.

    That answers that. 


    I highly recommend it. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Alann2 said:

    Hi all, I've just bought a vfr 750 FK, pretty much blind, its got MoT, the electrics work and runs fine, it is however as you'd expect a bit tatty round the edges, so this winter its going in the garage and getting worked on. Looking forwards to reading technical advice as I go through the forums.

    Awesome! Post some pictures

  7. I have that VFRness on my 5th gen, and I had installed one on my previous VFR's as well (6th and 4th gen) 

    If installed correctly it's a great addition to the bike. (if not a slightly older and outdated fix to the VFR's electrical issues)

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  8. I  would go with what the manual asks for in this case. Bike ran great from the factory with the copper plugs, so the factory called for copper plugs are fine. No need for pricey Iridiums.

    When I got my 5th gen VFR800 I bought a set of the NGK's it calls for in the manual and when I took out the plugs that were in the bike I noticed they were Iridiums. I put in the normal NGK plugs and was fine.  


    ...and it never hurts to check the gap of the plugs before you install them. You never know. 

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  9. That's really good but by no means an 8th gen specific feat imo.

    My average for my 5th gen is 4.7L/100kms (50mpg) and my all time best is 4.3L/100kms (around 55mpg) and that's just normal riding. My 4th gen VFR750 did about the same.


    I'm sure most bikes if the revs were kept down low like you did would get great MPG too. 

  10. 54 minutes ago, Captain 80s said:

    I truly just think that this is a case of a filter not being oiled enough from the factory, and maybe not serviced again soon enough.  They might be a little stingy, for cost and for packaging mess.   I usually apply a little oil to a brand new K&N too as needed, for the same reason.


    Ever popped a dust seal off of that brand new sealed bearing?  I've had some with less grease than a hummingbird's beak can hold.  Now I pack every new "sealed" bearing I get.


     You're right. That could very well be the issue. 

    If it was oiled properly from factory and it needs to be oiled again already, after only 6,000 kms then to be honest I don't want it. 😅
    However, as you said, maybe it just wasn't oiled enough from the factory. 🤷‍♂️ 

    I'm pretty sure I already have an oil and cleaning kit for my K&N laying around, and I have the "good" K&N filter with the larger surface area. 

    If I do have the filter and the kit I'll just clean and re-oil it and swap it. That's cheaper and faster than having to find an oiling kit for the Pipercross and I'm not even sure if this specific Pipercross/N-Project filter uses the same oil or even uses oil as everything in the box is Japanese.

    I'll try some google translate.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Captain 80s said:

    ...but I also don't live down a 2 mile dirt road with traffic or ride around a strip mine.


     lol that made me laugh. 

     It true though. I've been scratching my head over my this year there's all this sand past the air filter and last year there wasn't and all I can think of is that there's been a lot of construction going on. Now that I think about it, not just in my neighborhood, but also down the highway I take to get to the twisties. 


    But regardless the filter should be blocking the dirt. I've ridden through worse with K&N air filters installed and never had such a dirty airbox before. 🤔

  12. 7 minutes ago, Cogswell said:


    That, is the smoking gun . . . it should be the other way around.   My $.02 about reusable filters is that they are just that - reusable.  The OEM filter are expensive, for sure.  I have yet however to see any verified dyno results that any reusable filter results in measurable performance gains.  I'd love to see it if so.  True, the reusable filters do keep waste out of landfills and can be cleaned frequently where the OEM just builds up debris until replacement.  For mine I've gone back to OEM.  In normal service they seem to be good for quite a long while - maybe only needing a change 2 or 3 times in the bike's likely service life for the average rider.  To each their own.  YMMV




    Well it is definitely true that these filters let in more dirt as that's a byproduct of letting in more air. However, this one example excluded, I have never had any issues running K&N filters in the past. Not for any of my extended road trips or on my previous bikes. I even sent oil samples to Blackstone Labs for analysis and there was nothing showing my air filters were letting through a lot of dirt. 

    This Pipercross is different from what I've seen others use as it was apparently jointly developed by Pipercross and N-Project so I was wondering if that might be it? 
    Or maybe others have had similar issues with their Pipercross filters?

  13. Well the filter was brand new and made to be installed without doing anything first. You just pop it in.

    Since I installed it about 6,000kms ago I haven't done anything to it. 🤷‍♂️ I haven't cleaned it or treated it.
    When I checked it last spring there wasn't any sand in the airbox. 

    I guess I'll start looking for my old K&N filter to put back in.


  14. So every spring before the first ride I check the airbox to make sure nothing has moved in 🐁


    When I checked it yesterday I noticed a light dusting of sand in the airbox. 




     Definitely the first time I have seen this. Never noticed this with the old K&N air filter. 


    The filter itself looks fine: 



     It only has about 6,000kms on it. My airbox is unmodified. It still has the snorkle and it seals well.

    The only thing I can think of is they have been doing construction near my place the past couple years and I have to drive by it when I'm coming and going. I'm almost always driving on paved roads too. 

    Anyone else see this with a Pipercross before?

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  15. Just now, adkfinn said:



    x2 on this - I had quite a bit of popping and the occasional small backfire with my TBR until I installed @mello dude 's PAIR delete. It def changed things for the better.

     When I did the pair delete on my old '97 VFR750 I noticed no change in the exhaust sound at all. That too had a Two Bro's slip on. 

     Even still, I wouldn't do the PAIR delete on my current VFR800 as I would hate to lose those sounds. Just my personal preference of course. Every one has different tastes. 🙂

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  16. My 2000 VFR800 has a Two Bro's slip on and the stock headers w/cat. 

    Speaking to the earlier comment about it being quiet with the cat with subdued burbles and pops, my VFR exhaust burbles quite a bit with a nice sprinkling of snaps, crackles and pops.

    I always wondered if maybe there was something "wrong" with it but it runs like a dream, gets great gas mileage, pulls very hard, plugs always look good when I change 'em and the oil isn't fuelly. 


    I'm actually at a point where I have a full 98-99 stock system I was going to swap in, but the sound right now is soooo sweet I dare not ruin it 😅


  17. On 7/3/2020 at 2:48 PM, mello dude said:

    If you do the delete, please do it properly with a fork swap and upgrade the rear caliper.

    I am not a fan of the kits that just replumb the hydraulics.


     I'm just curious, what is it exactly about re-plumbing the brake hydraulics to de-link the brakes that you aren't a fan of?

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