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Loss of the rear shock adjustment knob

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I am seeking some expertise on my issue with the rear shock adjustment knob of my 2008 VFR 800. At one point it seems as though I did not tighten the outer screw, leading to the whole adjustment knob falling off, leaving only the metal rod and hexagon bolt left to be exposed. 
I managed to buy the knob (see overview here: https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2008/vfr800a-a-interceptor-abs/rear-shock-absorber-abs - no part number on the knob itself).
Now, the tricky part is that I am not able to get the know onto the steel part of the adjuster it simply seems to be missing about 1mm of space. Has anyone had a similar problem before? I am kind of out in the clear and do not want to purchase a brand new shock, for natural reasons. 
I have to be honest, having lost the plastic knob last year, I have forgot how the to adjust the shock. Do you loosen the hexagon bolt and drag the whole adjuster towards you? Is it possible to adjust the shock without the plastic knob?
I have added some pictures which hopefully shows the issue
Any input would be highly appreciated and thanks for the support.






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That is an unfortunate series of events. I have not personally had this sort of experience. I'm taking a guess that over the years there may have been an update to the shock adjuster and the housing has a different size. The knob you received has a clear plastic base, mine is all solid black throughout. 


You can adjust the shock without the knob, you will need a wrench to turn the screw in or out. Just be cautious as to not over tighten or loosen the screw. Clockwise increases the preload on the shock making it stiffer and counter clockwise decreases the preload making it softer. 

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Hi TT,

This is very helpful, thanks! It makes sense in terms of the clear vs. black plastic. I do not care to much about the loss of the actual adjuster, and happy to hear that the function should still be obtained.

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