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Fairing Master/ LKKMOTOR Review - Compression Mold China Fairing (FZ6R)


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So I've been looking everywhere for a good topic or video on compression mold fairing kits and just cannot seem to find a good video on fitting and/or a forum post detailing the pain in the ass this is about to be. So I figured id post an IN-DEPTH review from start to finish including shipping times and communication with FairingMaster/LKKMOTORS. I decided on Fairingmaster/LKKMOTORS because of price and it states that they were a direct supplier for most china brand fairing kits. I probably got bamboozled but i pulled the trigger cause my bike that i just bought looked alot worst that i was expecting before buying. 


I bought a 2012 FZ6R from a buddy mainly because of the inline 4 and I didnt want to ride a SS and hurt myself. I rode a SV650 for 2 years as a primary vehicle so experience wasnt the reason. I was pretty disappointed in the power of the FZ6R but then again I push limits and giving this bikes power it only gives me so much to push lol. 

Bike in IDLE sounds way softer then originally thought but then again sounds better then my lawn mower sv650. I bought the bike for 2800$ cash with 4.1k miles on it. It was dropped and the side fairings were taken off. nothing on the engine got scraped but the fairings. Ill post a pic showing what it looks like now, Do you think it was a good deal? I thought hey ill just buy some new after market fairings or something. Well i didn't realize it was an arm and a leg for them. 




I just order my COMPRESSION MOLD FAIRINGS(I KNOW IT SUCKS BUT I PULLED THE TRIGGER.) from Fairingmaster/LKKMOTOR today AUGUST 29, 2020 for 580$ shipped, 3-10 business days shipping. it was 70$ more for 3-10 then 20-50.  Figure less handling and less damage could happen would be worth every penny and the seasons almost over, would like to see what the whip looks like before winter. 


I will update everytime I speak with them all the way to putting these bad boys on. I just couldnt find something like this and figured id post my detailed view of a full compression mold fairing set form start to finish. First post on this forum take it easy 🙂



fairing kit.png



The damage isnt noticable on pic but has rash on front fairs, side fairings were taken off cause they have rash all over them.  and front fair is broken slightly. small dents on tank. anyone whats best option with repairing dents on tank? Bondo repaint? Replace tank? just touch up. im really looking to make this like brand new though so that should be taken in to consideration

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I placed an order on the 25th of July for a set of 2003 GSXR600 fairings. It was a custom paint scheme based on the 2005 Moto GP Laguna Seca Suzuki/RedBull livery (one and only time Redbull sponsored Suzuki for Moto GP). Being custom i knew turn around time was going to be longer but I thought I was patient enough.


I sent them a MASSIVE collection of reference photos, screenshotted and and drew on pictures precise locations of certain decals as well as finding a picture than happened to list the exact sponsor decals and placement. It took 2 weeks before I got the typical Chinglish response stating they didn't have my fairings in stock hence why they had no updates for me despite the numerous attempts to contact.


Finally we were making progress and after almost a month, I received my first photos showing placement of decals and wanting my confirmation to go ahead and apply final top coat. I was SO excited at first glance. They looked awesome, but then I took the time to have a closer look....


Because their are VERY FEW (only found one other) attempts to replicate this livery, i was very steely eyed about it. Left fairing decal placement didn't match right side, scale of some decals way off and other non related decals added just to fill gaps. It took 3 revisions for their "MASTER painter" to get it right for me.


A final photo was sent to me on the 2nd of September asking if I was happy with final placement of stickers and if so, did they have permission to finalise. I praised them on their ability to keep me happy by making the continuous changes I requested (changes that shouldn't have been necessary IF attention to detail was paid in the first place) but did notice residue left behind on some pieces from where old stickers had been removed.


On the same day (the 2nd) I replied that I was satisfied and they could go ahead with the top coat if they acknowledged the residue left behind as mentioned earlier.. 


No reply by the 8th so I emailed asking for an update. Still nothing. I emailed again on the 10th just gone and they replied later the same day stating it had  even finished and my order had already been handed over to the shipping company. No mention at all about my concern with the left over residue...


Juat a waiting game now. Recieved a tracking number but have been told it may take up to 10 days before that number is even valid so fingers crossed.


I've bought from a similar Chinese company before. It was a full fairing kit for a 1996 Kawasaki ZZR600.. just an "off the shelf" paint scheme though. Pretty easy transaction. From start to finish took around 2 months to recieve here in Australia and fit and finished suprised me... quite good.


Have been told up to 50 days postage so here's hoping.


Just like most other Chinese company I've ever dealt with. Their representative will try and make you feel like a best friend but stay on top of them with constant requests of updates.

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Interesting that he went to Chinese source. There's actually an Australian company that buys these fairings in bulk and does custom painting and decals. The results are extremely good. Lemme see if I can find link...


EDIT: Here's 12k Motors in Australia - https://12kmotor.com.au/

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