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ABS light on solid red: 2005, VFR800A


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VFR Discussion group,


My 2005 VFR800A had been sitting in the garage covered for exactly a year. Today, I thought it would be a good time to

change the oil with zero miles on the oil (as I did last 4th of July). I thought my chief concern might be getting it started,

but it started instantly and ran smoothly. However, I notice the ABS light (red, constant, not blinking) is not going off the

way it use when I actually had time to ride it.  Does anyone have an explanation for this ABS light?


The bike has not been ridden in one year (tragedy) and everything worked when I put the cover over it in July of 2019.

The bike is extremely well maintained and I am the only one in the garage space.


Any and all help greatly appreciated,


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