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6th gen rear luggage rack options?


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Hi, all.  Did a couple searches on VFRD but couldn't find what I was looking for.


I have wanted a rear luggage rack for my VFR for many years.  I've searched eBay and found some cheap options that might work, and they'd probably be okay, but I'm curious what options there are for the 6th gen.  I'd like something I can strap a medium size duffer bag onto for long day rides and overnight trips.  More specifically, I'm a musician on the side, and sometimes strap down a trumpet gig bag/case and folding music stand to the rear seat so I can ride to some rehearsals and performances.  I've been doing this for years without a rack, but I'd still like to get one.


Some notes here:

  • I'm not mounting a top box.  If a suitable rack was part of a top box kit, I'd consider it, but I'm not really looking for a top box, just a rack.
  • The rack needs to be pretty flat, so it's more like an extension of the tailpiece.  I've seen a few both here on VFRD and for sale online where there's a tube near the front of the rack that goes upward,  like a guard/stop to keep luggage from sliding forward, and I don't want that.  I'm more concerned about stuff sliding backward and off the bike.
  • It doesn't have to hold a ton of weight.  I'm mostly just strapping down lighter weight stuff, like the trumpet case I mentioned above.
  • I have the Honda OEM hard bags, and the mounting racks stay on the bike all the time, so I'm looking for something that mounts using the rear passenger grab handle mounting bolts.
  • I never carry a passenger, so I could ditch the rear grab handles if necessary.


Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions you can provide!  If your bike has a rack that you think would work for me, I'd appreciate you posting the info about it and a photo or two if possible.

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Hi, TimC


What I can immediately think of is SWMOTECH's ALU-RACK and its extension.





This rack can coexist with OEM panniers and, there are multiple points that can be tied down, so I think it's a good fit for your use.

However, there is a weakness where the front part is bended ..., but since it's aluminum, I think a hammer can solve it 👊

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