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Thumper to V4

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Hi everyone! Got my license almost 2 years ago and only been riding for the past 10 months. I bought a 2005 BMW F650CS, put 7k miles on it, and fell in love with riding. I was looking for a 2017 CB100 EX but decided to go with a VFR. In fact, closest power feel/delivery I've felt is an R3 and XSR900 at a Yamaha demo day.

Everything just feels so different!! Good different though. Can't even explain how much better it is to go from a single cylinder to four! Whole bike doesn't jolt going into 1st gear and mirrors are crystal clear on the freeway. 

I did have a couple of questions..

1) I rode the bike 2 hours home after purchase and, the right handgrip, at high speed coasting (past 75mpg) has such a numbing buzz that it put my hand to sleep after 25mins. I figure I'd change the bar ends and put some grip puppies on to alleviate that. No buzz at all on the left grip though! What is the most likely solution to this?

2) When coming to a stop at 1st gear, I hear a whirring noise start and stop from below the bike. Is this the fan? I don't hear it when coming to a stop in 2nd or neutral.


I've only owned the bike for about 2 weeks and I can see what the fuss is all about haha.

2005 F650CS.JPG

2015 Interceptor.jpg

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