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fairing vfr750f 1988

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Easiest way to remove engine is to lift the frame off! Plus it was a good time to do a bit of a refresh in general. It didn't take long to do the work... but it was off the road for 5 months.


Old engine is sat in the garage. Turned out to be quite a bit down on power compared to the new engine (old one had 67k, new one 30k). Plan is to take it to 840cc... 🙂

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Checked the dates, Off the road 7 months! Exhaust blew 4th Dec. 




Didn't touch it for a month. Took the old engine out end of Jan. New engine in start of March. Discovered replacement engine had exploded a clutch plate and was filled with bits. 




Didn't know what kind of damage it had caused and so took it back to the breakers for a refund.


Bought another engine...turned out to be a VFR750K not a VFR750FK (5spd, restricted to 75PS although unsure if physically restricted)


Didn't find another reasonably priced engine for 3 months. Picked up another one mid June and went from this on the 14th to all back together by the 21st OEq3Z4mlPq-9wpA2e66UvZYKzBzpoXNQ7x1b7ju43L_kIgGmyU1v1_I0qmV2d3xC4hHSzqy0IlGNTcsDc-hmA-HHAti8nkWbIDmqx50fOIaPuxriAi-XgAzB7NhAUi86D2HEal8wr_YC2pqgThArbZ5isb34kiUoK6uA2W5yWmiQxRHrOir7dkigXASy6lTIAPvFZ5XSGDtLdvLBafa3T1NZuWXtoTQTKZBOUJD8508NhdXyYM13g6Ap66XjZuc5uNKiw8FdENYpNv-JDxRx2lX1eJfjfJTicmzDChKBUEl5q4JDjhEqiqY0ZqrRU7RqfwStfXPcTRtbpTZf4_JqKOxsgrvesHTWr3MNGk28kUgIn6oCxgcT7UHxg-NZ0hiRTvo0RHJYtNB9yruhtovgUvKNdC5VydsiJYSbf0_73uvKNoPVJnkig3mag5ZMMa2eau9FVQQMfAZ1h485jzSMHasPqeNOX2cfIVdPX66hrmOE0qW8qfmRkezd1U3i0d6VjvE5YAtIZVItXgdg4A56zmVC2cWlaq8hRkPA4twpPKPvlozNbSb7YW_4qmHcW7M_mAsgnfdlTImn5qJgjYKMwDcmFrr2lcv5cNBtweupB56ub-SiyLxV6hMEM5PnA0M6Rirrxlb9IaJ5mTbzAQRaeI0RIYtKEvdt=w1251-h938-no


So about a weeks work but spread over 7 months and a bunch of grief. 


As well as the exhaust I did overhaul the brakes (new pads all round), forks, replace the rear disc, chain+sprocket, shock and swap the rear brake line for braided. As well as replacing the anti-dive bearing and cleaning and lubing pretty much everything else.

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