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Healtech Quickshifter Easy!! How does the sensor work??


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Hello People,

I was searching for a cheap quickshifter to add to my CBR which runs a power commander 5. During the search found that healtech sells the IQSE sensor separately for $50ish. I bought it thinking that it would work like a normal push or pull type quickshift which closes the circuit inside the sensor upon upshift or downshift action of the gear lever.


But this Healtech ring sensor seems to be some kind of Strain gauge or stress gauge and not an open circuit managed sensor. In short it was useless for me and the Power commander needs a circuit operated sensor.


Does anybody know how this ring sensor works? and if there a way i can get this working with the PC5, its a 2 wire sensor.


I have attached a photo of the unit, I have just got the sensor harness only and not the unit.

Heal tech.jpg

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