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Vf1000r needles

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So I am mechanically going through my carbs and bought a jet kit for my bike took itt all apart and found 35 pilots 125 mains and a needle with C clips  the kit I have uses 2 washers under the stock needles, I am assuming that the needles with the C clip must be Dyno jet needles from back a few years? I found 2 pilots clogged and floats out of adjustment? 

Question, do I try to find stock needles or use these as they were except for the 40 pilots and 130 mains in the kit?and is the fuel screw set at 1 turn out? 

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It depends on what model year VF1000R you have.


1984 has #38 slow and 145 mains..

1985 has #38 slow and 125 mains..

California versions #38 slow and  #120 (Back) / # 122 (Front) mains..


Needle info, I need the carb code number stamped just above the float bowl...


Remember.. Dynojet uses different jet size coding.. 130 Dynojet is roughly 140 in Keihin size...



In addition, the Dynojet kit used to come with there own springs.. Also the kit contained some drills to enlarge the holes drilled in the slide.. Not the hole that holds the needle, but the hole for the vacuum operation of the slide.. Check if the holes are drilled. If still black anodized, you are fine, if the holes show aluminium colour, they are most likely enlarged.. That means, you can't go back easy..


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The vin tag says 3 of 1986 I did check the slides and they are in fact drilled so I am now assuming it's a Dyno jet set up, i dissambled the carbs, needle and seats pilot jets main jets ,choke plungers, polished the slide bores polished the slides( they were hanging up) put it all together with needles in the 3rd clip with one washer under the needle,40 pilots 130 mains and 2.5 on the fuel screws, the bike had 35 pilots and 125 mains needle in #2 ,and it felt lean especially in the mid range, I also have a square hole in the front of the air box between the two snorkels ,maybe 4X4 inches and a KN filter, also have aluminum F1 mufflers, sooo I just started the engine and WOW throttle response is instant! Way better than it was! Finally I think it's the monster it should be, Verry Happy now, was quite a learning curve to do the carbs took me 6 hrs start to finish, so glad I did! 

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