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3rd Gen with 4th gen fairings?

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Since my build/restoration is not really progressing these days (spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday for updates on my Bandit), I found this on the equivalent of Craigslist here:




According to the ad, it's a 1991 with, as you can see, a front 4th gen on it. I believed it was not possible. Sorry but that was the only interesting picture of it. Apparently, the junction between the top and the left part is not perfect, but that can give some ideas for guys without fairings...


For my 1993, I already sourced the tail (I miss the rear light and turn signal) but I still don't have anything for the front. 

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I've been told that the 4th Gen bodywork onto the 3rd Gen bike can be done and clearly it has but I'd imagine that the donor bike has had to receive the entire bracketry and clocks for this to happen. You could fit anything to almost anything if you had the time, patience and engineering.


Looks quite good (not the dragon sticker!)...

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