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Got new bars today, excited to install them, had Convertibars on and didnt like the feel.

SO Im taking everything apart and go to remove dampers and i find these.....


Not sure what they are but they dont look like the dampers i have seen in the pictures.

Is this going to be a problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to VFRD!!!

Those are Throttlemaster cruise control bar ends, left is the one on the throttle side. The rods are the inserts needed to run them.

So what didn't you like about Convertibars? their suppose to be the most adjustable bars on the market!


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Thanks for the welcome, first post, but been lurking for quite some time!

Not really a fan of the height of the bars, they are available for sale if anyone is interested.

Also, the stock steering dampers were not in the Contertibars, do i need to pick up some sort of dampers?

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Not necessarily. If the internal diameter of the end of the Helibar and Convertibar are the same. The Throttlemeister weight would do the job of damping the bar even if you don't use the cruise control feature. But as a big fan of the Throttlemeister, I don't know why you wouldn't. I don't see a separate Throttlemeister listing for the Convertibars. The current Helibars (post-2004) use the same Throttlemeister as stock Honda bars.

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