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5th gen 1999 stock headers and exhaust - $100

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As the title says.  Good condition. No rot.  $100IMG_1054.thumb.jpeg.ba69862a39b33e26524d030a6a9e7cd6.jpegIMG_1053.thumb.jpeg.93be55db66ee899555638a1845a4ba1f.jpegIMG_1063.thumb.jpeg.b54f4be6744466af64ea9e4a143e791a.jpegIMG_1061.thumb.jpeg.5999835d88787880b8602726ee0c3e23.jpegIMG_1062.thumb.jpeg.3c23ccb88de3aa327a2307e72b3038a6.jpeg

Note - this is from a ‘99 so it is catless.

PM for for pics.


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