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"ENKEI" Wheel Rim Decals

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I wanted to highlight our OEM wheel maker, Enkei, on my personal VFR, but a search for suitable decals turned up nothing that would apply to a motorcycle wheel rim, so I had my own made. The trick is to get the curvature just right so I supplied my vinyl guy a 17" wheel and he matched it perfectly. I like the subtle custom look that these decals provide and they're easily removable, if desired.

I sized the decals at 12mm (1/2") high to fit the outer flat of the wheel and added directional arrows…just because. The length is 52mm (2") including the arrow, which can be easily deleted by snipping it off before installing. Die-cut individual letters, will fit 16 to 18-inch rims. I wanted red to complement my painted factory directional arrows on the rear wheel, and red compliments most wheel colors.

I had 100 of each direction made to keep the cost reasonable — priced at $2 each or $15 for a complete set of eight, enough to do both wheels. Shipping included to anywhere in the world. This is only slightly above my cost to produce and ship these. Returns (unused) accepted at your expense (60¢) for full refund.


If interested, contact Joe:



IMG_5609 2.jpeg

IMG_5619 2.jpeg

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