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Squids We Are



I dont think I have ridden that fast for so long! We did the Cripple Creek thing like planned then we headed over High Park Road and hwy 50 for a Burger at Texas Creek. I think we rode the entire streatch of hwy 50 at over a hundred plus, all three of us, and had so much fun we turned around and did it again, passing the same cars over again.

"Excuse me can I get by ya - AGAIN" Dan said as we talked about it at lunch.

One green SUV we passed pulled into the restrant and slowed down and stopped where our bikes were, I guess to give us the what for, but thought perhaps the possibility of getting beat up by three motorcyclist was too much and screetched out of the parking lot when he saw me pointing at him through the resturant window....the A-Side street bike gangstas we be (Atmel employee riders)!

:squid: Craig was doing his normal passing on the right thing, which I just wont do, and well cause it scares the piss out of me when he does it, so I wait and get around them when I can. I am no double yellow puss either! I mean its a sport bike right! Dan was haulin on his gixxer, I could get up close in the first part of the turn but he would pull away with that big liter coming out of the turns, no way when he rolls on out of the apex.

Then High Park Road which is a bit scarry really, Dan piled into a gaurd rail two years ago on it, and another local rider died on it 4 years ago when her bike piled into a cow on the road, its open range out there. Its got long straits inviting you to roll on then it hits you with an off camber corner into a blind left then another left, and then rolling roller coaster type hills where the road dives off in one direction or another. It also comes complete with large chunky chipseal and gravel in some turns from the recent hard rains. You gotta respect High Park cause it doesnt bark it bites! You cant help it though to ride it fast! We also did the peg scraping turns from Victor to Cripple Creek and that was where the kinks where worked out for all of us, it was go fast time from then on! Jebus we were going fast today! Hey I know the guys, I know where each of us is fast and slow, and we ride together pretty good now! Nothing like squiding it up with your friends once in a while, tommorow they both punish me on the dirtbikes again.

They had the trail maps out for the dirt bike tommorow and just kept piling on trail after trail. Craig says "From the Tanner Trail you can ride all the way to Lake Isabel" Assuming of course you got the stamina and the skill to do it! LOL I am in for it tomorrow!


PS the EBS pads were a bit grabby at first but the rear is doing this choppy thing at low speed, like a stutter when I get on the rear brake a bit, maybe I need to take them off and refit them with the shims that came on them, I read somewhere to take off the shims for the rear brake? It feels like rolling over a warning strip. I dont like it, perhaps I need to bleed the rear proportion valve again? It does not do it every time?


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