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Back in the twisties!



Today was a glorious day.  Yesterday was a fresh oil and filter change so nothing would be in the way of my first two wheel therapy ride.  Sunny in the mid 70's F.  Little to no wind.  Even the traffic was light.  It was time to ride.  A quick stop at the gas station and I was off.  East on I40 got the bike warmed up nicely by the time I hit the Tijeras exit for a S14 run to clear out the cobwebs in my mind and body. 


My focus was on riding smooth, not fast.   Of course, by the time I cleared my favorite S turns it was easy to see that smooth equals fast so I took it down a notch because I was catching up to a car.  Not wanting to spend my ride staring at a bumper I dropped down 2 gears, hit VTEC and pulled a quick, clean pass.  Shifted back up, stopped looking at the speedometer and went into smooth mode once more.  Practicing riding my lines and a series of gentle sweepers that cut through the mountain canyon put me in the zone.  I wasn't thinking of all the problems I had to face and just lived in the moment.  The smile was back and, even now, it remains.  Fresh air, open road, scenic views, smooth leans.  Better than any doctor or pill to get me back in the world. 


I did not want to stop when I  pulled up to the (now closed)  Chamellion Cafe and did a turn about to repeat my ride back down the mountain.  This time I went at a more sedate pace as I was in no rush to get home.  I did drop a gear and get my lean on in those wonderful S turns at the bottom but the relaxed all the way through Tijeras where I took Route 66 all the way back to Tramway in ABQ.  There I went north to Comanche and headed west to finish my ride. 


That was the fastest hour of my life and it was glorious.  The VFR once again was faultless and I was feeling more refreshed than I could remember.  Once home it was time to light the grill, cook up the family dinner (mine was a ribeye steak with sweet potato fries) and then relax with my wife and daughter.  I brought my camera to take pictures but I couldn't bring myself to stop.  Maybe next weekend where there is some talk if meeting up with an old friend and his 5th gen VFR.  We shall see.  😏

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