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my 6th gen 2002 vfr died on me on a road trip a few months back and just know took it to my local honda dealer for diagnose/ repair they said my rectifier was the problem plus plugs,battery while troubleshooting. While they where troubleshooting my instrument cluster was fried and power commander now mind u before hand my bike ran for years. Go to get my bike a month later, shop was backlogged + short on technicians, now they tell me at idle only three clyinders are firing and only when u ride the fourth kicks but everything checks out ok on all tests,compression,spark,fuel etc.. mind u again paid $765 already for labor and parts but still not running right?      


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Sounds like either one coil is faulty, but that's an easy part check. Just swap it with one of the other cylinder's coils and if the problem moves to the cylinder where the suspect coil is now fitted then the coil is the problem.

Otherwise, if the problem persists with the original cylinder then it might be an issue with the ECU

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