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Vfr Question



Ok guys i need some help or advice....

I am in the process of selling/trading my Honda RC51 for a VFR

I have two people with VFR's who would like to trade and I'm not very familiar with the bikes yet.
so my question is which should i go with or is there a big difference between the two

1st: 2008 VFR the dark silver color. it has 20,000 miles on it and is stock except for a full exhaust that was put on, paint and body are in near perfect shape.

2nd: 2005 VFR the lighter silver color, has 18,000 miles, aftermarket bars(not risers but full bars) slip on exhaust, givi windshield, givi bags, after market seat. paint has few minor scratches.

both are up to date on maintenance with the valve jobs already being done.

will i see a difference between the two bikes as far a years are concerned or are they basically the same. and am i dumb to pass up the older bike with lots of extras for the 08 bc i like the dark silver over the light silver but would be ok either way?

please weigh in on this and thanks for the help

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I own a 98 VFR800 and a 2000 RC51. Both bikes you are considering buying are so similar that unless one has anti lock brakes I would choose the newer of the two. Suspension mods and aftermarket brake disc are the best performance mods. Aftermarket seat and bars best ergonomics mod. Exhaust systems? It might make a difference to me along with any ele tronics like powercommanders. Miles on both bikes are very low so that is my two and a half cents. I ride my VFR all the time. My go to girl.

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