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Back On The Horse




Short version. Ride to work and back on the Daytona last Friday. OMG IT FELT AWESOME to be back in the bike.


so I spent the week testing my sitting position on the Daytona. It was so tempting with it there in the garage. Doc hadn't given me the all clear but Wednesday afternoon I started her up and headed out. I got down the drive and then pulled my leg up to the peg. That didn't work and there were a lot of weird aches around the knee. I let my leg hang and wobbled back to the garage, defeated.

But I couldn't leave it there so the next day I got back on and spent about twenty minutes riding around the neighborhood. The knee is really stiff but not painful.

This gave me the confidence to ride in on Friday. The ride in was great. A sunny fresh morning on the open road (work is halfway to the next town along some country roads). I stretched the leg out a couple of times.

The way home was more sore - enough that I was nervous I had ripped something open. I got home safely and hoped I hadn't set things back at all.

Saturday I saw the Doc and was given the all clear to use my leg fully. So no harm done.

It is obvious that I really need to work the leg or it's going to lose a big chunk of range of motion. I have already restarted my fitness and will get back on the bike and the push bike to sort out the leg.

Being back on the bike is so amazing :)



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