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The Xr Chronicles

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Well after returning home from the Mosca Pass ride I have not touched the XR since last week, too disappointed to do so. Until I mustered up the patience to replace the scored up cams. Which I did, and promptly ripped up that set too. OOKKKAAAYYY maybe I am missing the root cause here!!

This time I took the head off and took out the spark plug and pumped the kick start to see if it was oiling the cams? NOPE NO OIL OUT OF THE DARNED JETS!!

So I took off the plate to the oil filter and shot compressed air in the hole, it sprayed out perfectly - no clog? But then a pin and an O-ring fell out onto the floor? I looked where could this go, checked the manual no pin supposed to be there! WTF were did this pin come from? I then took off the whole side plate clutch cover and found a spot where it could go, checked the manual sure enough there was a pin there in the diagram! DUH!! I was in the wrong place! I put it in, put on a new O-ring and put it back together and did the pump thing again with the kickstand, this time oil came out the hole!! YEA now I am getting somewhere!

So far I have solved my overheating problem, new thermostat and and a higher compression cap did that.

Now I think I have the oiling issue licked too.

Still got this jetting thing to solve though all the recommended jets are in there from multiple sources, I think I have the wrong slow jet its too rich for this altitude! Thats my next task after I replace the cam again! Then on to the suspension it could use some softening up must be gunked up with snotty oil in the forks. New seals, and bushings too! Rebuild the shock too! Maybe a softer spring cause it wants to launch me out of bumps!

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Hey Slammer - you're having way too much fun oiling that cam in the XR. You're one of the few guys I've heard of having a motor problem with the XRs. I would suspect that you won't have any more cam issues.

But as far as the springs go, I'd be very suspicious of making the XR suspension any softer. The usual complaint from just about everyone is that it's too soft. One of my riding buddies rode the devil out of a XR250 and the problem was always the low quality hydraulic portion of the shock or fork. The rear shock was designed with simply too soft of materials for the shock body and would never hold up long. Even after a number of rebuilds the damping effect would drastically subside and he'd be left with not much more than a spring. That could explain your launch when going over an obstacle.

As for the jetting - if you don't have any luck with the typical range of pilot jets I suggest you also look at the particular needle and slide your using. While the needle won't make much of a difference around idle - the different slides will - they have different angles cut into the outboard side and have a great effect on the air flowing over the idle circuit. You didn't mention whether you'd changed any of your intake tract but if you have removed any of the various baffles etc. then you may need to make further adjustments away from stock.

Obviously you need to keep on top of what your spark plug looks like after changing one carburetion thing or another -don't want to hole a piston or something!

I don't know about you but my dirt bike riding sure makes my street riding more enjoyable - makes my VFR feel velvet smooth and I feel better dealing with various road situations.

Have lots of fun with the XR!


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Slammer, I had an older (94) xr 600 that I recently went through after sitting for six years. Where I live there is a Co. called Al Bakers XR'S only. I went down to there shop and bought a new flat slide carburetor. They set these up according to any mods and elevation that you will be riding.

Bike has never started so easily (it is kick start) and the power is spot on.

Check out their web site for any parts you may need, or some you didn't know you needed.


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