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Diamondback Video



Yesterday I had a great day of riding. Five of us made rode the Hillbilly Triangle here in Eastern KY and I was able to get video of the entire loop. The loop is about two hours of video that I'll have to edit for some time before a video can be published. So, to keep you entertained for a while, check out my video of the DiamondBack at Little Switzerland. Look closely and you might just see yourself in some of the pictures. :) The video is from last May but the pictures are from the Bristol rally in 07, I believe it was. Great times! Great memories. Enjoy the ride!


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Those look really good roads for getting to the edge of the tyre on both sides. Good video and, if I may say, helped all the more by a great taste in music too - Sammy Hagar much better than Dave Lee Roth any day. One of my favourite VH albums.

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Guest ndmeistr


That's funny, I was on the Devil's Whip last Sat. Speaking of getting edge wear on tires....


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  • Member Contributer

The whole area is beautiful and full of great roads. Thanks for checking out the video and be watching for more to come.

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Guest dcassidy1214


Nice video. Would be a HUNDRED time better without the music. Just MO.

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Guest Shazazz2


great video, one of the best i have seen in a long time. Wish we had roads as good as that here in Western Australia, dont get me wrong we have some bloody good roads, but i'd say not as good as that.

as for the tunes, great choice in VH music, but i too would have liked a little more of that sweet V4 sound.

All in all a great vid and thanks!!

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