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New Years Eve...eve. HA!



It's the last work day of 2011 and I'm trying to leave early.. why? Hell, I don't know why. No one else is here maybe?? Anyway..

It's warm day for the end of December, but my 45 mile commute just isn't welcoming to early morning rides in the 30's. So, maybe I can get home in time to take a spin around the back roads outside of Berea before dark. Some friend that are off for the holiday are taking a trip to Iron Pony mega-store in Columbus, OH. Wishing I was with them. If you've never been pretty much imagine an old Wal-Mart store turned into a motorcycle distribution center for their web business where the public can shop also. It's huge and the close-out deals they have are insane. Got Carrie a First Gear Killimagaro jacket last year for $25, new!

Might try to install the HIDs this weekend too. If I do I'll take lots of pictures so I actually have something to post in one of these blogs. HA! Well, be thinking of your New Years resolutions.. or not like Jimmy Buffett says, "Make a resolution, to never make another one..."

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Years!


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