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Listening to the Wiseman again





This time we planned Wiseman's Ferry in reverse, with the ferry being the last leg. We had started this route a couple of weeks back but it was rained out. After several beautiful spring days during the week, the morning dawned cool and heavily overcast. Not promising.

I headed off to the usual meet point to find the regulars gathering. Only 8 bikes this time, and the newcomer was a Wee Strom (650 VStrom). Headed up towards McGrath's Hill to get started on the route. Initially we turned up the road towards Wiseman's but shortly turned right, staying on the near side of the river as we snaked along, following Cattai Ridge Rd and Bay rd. This leads into Berowra Waters and another ferry. It was a good stretch, but my weakness at downhills meant I ran a bit slower than the others. I will have to keep practising. Uphill I'm a lot more confident.


Berowra Waters Ferry


At Berowra Waters Ferry

The roads were a little busier than normal. Today is a State election and all were out to vote (it's compulsory here). But we had no real holdups. The first kilometres into, and out of Berowra are pretty narrow, really only 1 and a half lanes, not the full two, so you have to watch out for cars not keeping to their side properly.

After the ferry we headed up towards the Old Pacific Highway. I've described this earlier and its still the same. Busy with all kinds of people, police and inappropriately low speed limits. This picture isn't actually very representative of the Highway. It's mostly a lot lower quality. This is probably a picture of the kind of bitumen we'd really like but don't get in this state very often.


Old Pacific Highway

We stopped at another well known cafe on this road, Pie in the Sky. My first time here and I was impressed by the range of pies. I choose a "Lamb, Honey, Chilli and Garlic" and it wasn't bad. Afterwards I discovered that they sold burgers (my staple on most rides) as well so I was a bit annoyed. In previous years, Pie didn't have the same bike culture as Road Warriors (further up the highway at Mt White) however Road Warriors closed down a couple of years ago, to the surprise and dismay of all. So Pie became the default stop.


Pie in the Sky cafe.

We hit the road again and headed up towards Central Mangrove. As we passed Road Warriors site I noticed a new cafe there. Plenty of bikes as well, so will have to go past another day to check out the new version.


Parked at Peates Ridge (Corrugated Cafe)

About 40mins later we pulled up at The Corrugated Cafe. Having thought that the previous stop was lunch, I wasn't hungry, but snagged a couple of chips of the other guys. Very nice. From here it was up to Central Mangrove (strangely enough a hill, not a swamp??) then down into the river valley towards Wiseman's Ferry. This was probably the longest stretch of the day. It was made worse by the fact I was running short on time to be home and keep the peace there. Mostly the road is falrly comfortable sweepers, but can be narrow in places. The old wooden bridges have all been replaced with concrete.

From Wiseman's we headed back up to McGraths hill and home.

Safe...with 15 mins to spare.

Here's the route on google.... http://maps.google.c...3,0.771103&z=11



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Just curious as to how many years you have been riding? I've only got a few years under my belt and big group rides are really not a great place to work on technique IMO. It's just that the tone of your report seemed to be at least mild discontent...you might enjoy it more if you took some track instruction...if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, I profusely apologize! I just hate to see riders without a ton of experience get thrown into big group rides as their only or main riding. It's like golfing in scrambles...terrible for your game, but the social part is hard to pass up...Love your blue paint BTW

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  • Member Contributer

I've been riding several years, but 90% commute, and until the recent rides this year, probably 3 years since I last did any "fun" rides. I've been thinking that a couple of solo rides might be a good idea. I did used to do some group rides, but again, not for many years Track days I have never really looked into. I have done some basic courses, but nothing track focused

As for the blue, I love it too, and even here there aren't that many around. Though I like the tri colour and have you seen the white with black stripe version we had here for a brief period... almost motivated me to get a second one :)

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  • Member Contributer

I have really had a blast at track days...not that I'm going to be racing anytime soon, but the personalized instruction I've gotten has really improved my skill and confidence in cornering.

Speaking of paint, I just got my bike back from the painter...check it out: https://picasaweb.google.com/sicampbelldds/VFR800

Ride safe!

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