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  1. Handlebar Muffs

    Some reports of the Barkbusters Blizzard muffs being ok on a faired biked? Still waiting for my cheapo handguards to arrive so will report back on them if they fit!
  2. Pilot seat recommendations

    My dream bike cleaning routine
  3. Ok, the lights turned up today and it looks they will be a perfect fit, bolting onto the front fender. Have now ordered a wiring harness to fit it. The wiring costs £30 (fully fused with ignition cable splicing connector) but can't complain when the lights were less than a fiver!
  4. Performance Mods rap up

    Now there's one that can run and run...
  5. Maybe you could just jazz them up a little?
  6. Ha, no! Might be useful for fitting stabilisers on one of those 'ride like an idiot' days though...
  7. I saw that on another pic but sadly, the UK doesn;'t have the reflector thingy. Also know what you mean about the motivation thing. I find chocolate and coffee are great at reinstating it!
  8. Quickshifter

    Mine sits slightly lower than the stock lever but that works well for me. There is some adjustment but if there's not enough, you could swap out the linking bar for a slightly shorter one? The quickshifter operator would stay in the same place but the lever would rise. A lot cheaper than new pegs too :)
  9. And just because I've not revived an old thread on the site... Have just ordered some cheap LED spotlights to try out for size. My thinking is to put them where the front fender is bolted on as there doesn't appear to be a lot of room anywhere else. Won't bother with the wiring harness kit yet, will see if they fit first! As others have noted, the headlights are really good (better than any other bike I've owned) except when you hoik it right over at night. Seeing the road disappear is more than a little unnerving!
  10. Universal switchgear

    Ok, so the codes you guys have found are the male and female parts. Sumitomo's page (Gawd bless Google translate!): http://prd.sws.co.jp/components/jp/detail.php?number_s=60984662
  11. Universal switchgear

    Good job on the connector research! Regarding the aftemarket switch, why not just use that? I went for a Honda OEM but, having done the job, there's no reason why that's necessary. The retaining blob may be in a different place (I just chopped off the one on the 2006 version) but apart from that, there shouldn't be much difference? If I did it again, I'd use a brand new aftermarket switch!
  12. Quickshifter problem

    Well, that was interesting! Set off this morning and realised that the lever was set so high I had to lift my whole leg up to change up! Everything was very weird and when I got to the workshop (to get some washers), I found out why. The kit I bought was not only missing the two washers but the extension bar between the pedal and the gear arm was too short. I'd fitted it far as it would go but it left the arm almost horizontal (rather than vertical) so changes would always be tough. The guys in the workshop found an alternative, longer, bar and all is sorted. Gear changes are now super smooth and the pedal position is actually better for me than the original! Annnnnnd the problem has been solved. The reason it wasn't quite right is that it wasn't the right item! It says VFR 800 on the box but the seller didn't know there was a VFR800X so I've just successfully fitted the Crossrunner quickshifter... Still now we all know it 's the same thing apart from the length of the connecting bar and a couple of washers
  13. Quickshifter problem

    Cool, thank you. Will let you know if I end up trying to get to the garage stuck in third with the quickshifter dangling down the road
  14. Quickshifter problem

    Makes sense, cheers Fink. For the purpose of a short journey (less than 10 miles) would you reckon take the external one (the wave washer) away?
  15. Hi All I recently picked up a quickshifter from Ebay, brand new, in the box, yay! Despite knowing better, I went out this morning and stripped the bike ready for installation. At this point, I found out there were two washers missing from the pack, both for the lever pivot bolt. So, an hour later, I have two other washers that (just about) fit but no wave/spring washer. This means that if I do the bolt up to the requisite Nm, I can't change gear! Everything else seems to be working ok so will pop over the nearest bike workshop tomorrow and try and get some alternatives so I don't have to keep trying to find the missing gear lever... Does anyone know the correct dimensions for the two washers? Anther tricky thing was trying to align the lever on the gear change spline. The clearly indicated marks on the instructions bear no resemblance to what's on the bike or the quickshifter! Still not convinced I've got it exactly right but that bit's not so tough to correct as I can just take off the belly cowl