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  1. And that's my ear worm launched for the day....
  2. The previous owner fitted a SW Motech plate to it (but adapted for Givi/Kappa) and it works well. Everything feels much more solid
  3. The rack broke where the handle bolts through. There is an inner core which survived so it won't (shouldn't!) just fall in half but it wasn't strong enough to continue using it. The self-cancelling mod is the easy one, you don't even need to cut the wire. Just pull it out and tape it up (oooerr and all that). The switchgear is fiddlier but works as effectively. Lots of helpful advice both here and on the VFR oracle site. No go for the Excel for me but have fun spending the bitcoin gazillions (assuming the market hasn't reversed by the weekend and they are now only worth a can of diet coke )
  4. Not everyone had a problem so I'd say, seeing as you've already bought the gear, use it and see how you get on. Just check it out once in a while for any damage. It's your call but no point spending more than you have to* As Fink says, the rack is the same for both bikes. I didn't know for sure when I bought mine but got lucky for once! *please note, this advice does not apply to any other form of shopping...
  5. Main Step Heat Guard

    Just for the joy of resurrecting an old thread, how tricky is it to get the heat shield off? Mine is flaky and starting to rust so will need some treatment soon. However, if it involves dismantling half the bike (wouldn't be too unexpected) I'd rather just poke a spray can in the gaps and see what happens...
  6. Swapped Sprint 1050 for VFR

    Out, damned spot! Seriously though, what's the RR like on a daily use basis (if you've used it like that)? It's the only BMW I've ever liked the look of so have put it on the 'might get one of those' list. Oh, big vote for the Powerbronze db screen. Made a huge difference in noise and comfort levels (doing 120+ miles per day in all weathers)
  7. Picture Thread

    Love the boots!
  8. Ooops, forgot to post the finished item! Couple of pics, complete with dirt They work brilliantly and do the job of filling in the gap created by the 'sharp ending' of the LED headlight. I velcro'd the on/off switch to inside the dash. Still not a great place but works for now. Looking for an alternative switch which would be more weather proof (the one supplied is meant to go around the handlebar but the VFR doesn't support that kind of nonsense
  9. This week's mud collection. Fortunately my cheapo LED auxiliary lights still shine through all the dirt!
  10. Added some more dirt to mine. The exhaust smells lovely with all the caked-on crud, burning gently in the cool night air
  11. Bar ends

    The pic helps put things in perspective, thanks Grum! Will take a closer look at the weekend and see if I can apply the combined wisdom (and some violence) to the solution
  12. Bar ends

    Handguards need a specific part of the supplied inners to lock against. Don't want to use option 1 as the guards may not fit so want the option of returning to stock Option 2, I'm almost guaranteed to screw up Option 3, seems like the best version. Anyone tried it?
  13. Bar ends

    My super-cheap handguards have arrived and they might fit without fouling on the fairing However, using the patent motorcycle manufacturer 'build from the inside out' technique, it appears (from the manual) that the only way to get the inner weight out is to release a tab from the outside of the handlebar tube. This would require taking the grips/throttle tube off and seems idiotically complicated The handguards need the weights supplied in order to fix them into place so, does anyone know of a way to get the inner weights out without taking the grips off? Bar end weight removal2.pdf
  14. Chain Mileage

    No difference on the sprockets, for 520 or 525 according to various suppliers on the interweb? The 525 is just a bit heavier and for a more powerful bike although, again according to suppliers, chain technology has surpassed the original differences
  15. Chain Mileage

    Only one garage open over Xmas and my chain's tight spot had reached a dire level so have had a 520 chain put on with the existing sprockets. The garage didn't think the sprockets were worth changing so, working on the basis that no garage likes to turn money away, I went with the chain change only for the first time ever!

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