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  1. I just painted my 02 in 2 days ,paint match silver was a 2011 dodge ram colour mix. A little buffing looks like glass,it is all in prep and material used .
  2. I bought a TSC landscaper trailer for cheap as it was a little rusty .it works great and friends do not borrow it to haul dirt and gravel as the bottom is just mesh so no overloading problem .
  3. That tank is likely a catch can tank that will collect oil and any overflow from the rad .
  4. Add me to the list 6th gen with O2 bungs .
  5. I would like to keep with the tradition and help in anyway . I would recommend if a change maybe around Hot Springs SD lots of great roads
  6. Merry Christmas to all and only 10 more sleeps til bike show season starts here in the great white north. Also Happy New Year !
  7. Or as in the case above just wing it !
  8. St 1300 are a great bike for 2 up and do not have all the hype of the other ones mentioned but are very bit as good in the right hands as the others . There are also lots of aftermarket things to set it up for your personal needs . Clutch pull is very easy and can be adjusted by the lever . Tires and oil changes are about the only maintenance needed .
  9. I bet that is the compressor for the air horns mounted there . I would put it back to stock if all the parts are there ,nice of you to get it back together and ride it in memory of a friend .
  10. How many here have or would like to ride in some vintage races . I have almost always raced 2 strokers but am building up a Suzuki gs 550 es to race in the vintage series here in Canuckland . Not too sure why one of these other than 2 came to me very cheap and can use some of the gsxr parts to make them handle and perform better . Getting older and I want to do some track time so this seems to be a perfect way to have some fun . I will add some pics as they come together soon .
  11. Any shop should have them aftermarket works well . they are just a copper ring which squeezes down to seal the pipe and you will need 4 of the ,probably about $5 . watch when you are removing the nuts as the studs may be a little brittle but they usually come off with a little effort ,you may want to spray them a couple of days before with some good rust penetrating fluid .
  12. Sounds like it has a gasket out of it on the exhaust pipe at the motor ,these are only a couple of dollars aftermarket and are a bit of a pain to put in .
  13. A key made for the gas tank will not work on the ignition as Honda uses an extra 2 tumblers on the ignition switch not used on the gas tank. The only way to make a key is to take off the ignition switch from the steering stem and once off there will be a number on it that they can use the internet and cut the correct key for the switch . Getting the switch out is really not too hard to do .
  14. I have a complete swing arm for very cheap like $50 plus shipping if needed .
  15. Check the vent in the gas cap may be partially blocked and not allowing for fuel flow ,also pull a plug and see if it is dark black or tan colour .