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  1. Hey all, this has been in the works for a bit and I'm finally ready to make an initial run available. I developed this rearset adapter while building a custom '99. I had a set of CBR929/954RR Sato brand rearsets on hand, and so developed the adapters around them. I have designed them to place a racing-style 954RR rearset in the oem VFR peg position at the lowest, most forward position when the new rearsets are installed in the CBR orientation. This allows track or race style "up & back" adjustment. Because of the 2-pc design of most racing rearsets, the plates can also be flipped Left to Right to allow the pegs to be positioned lower than stock VFR position. Can be set up for Standard or GP style reverse shifting I am selling these adapters as a kit at a pre-order price of $140 for the 1st 10 orders. All orders beyond the 1st 10 will be $150. What you receive in the kit: - 1 pair billet 6061-T6 aluminum adapter plates in Bare Bright or Satin Brushed finish (sorry, no anodize option at this time) - 1 set of 6061-T6 spacers - stainless steel hardware To complete this modification to your bike, you will also need to purchase an oem or aftermarket set of rearsets made to fit a 00-2003 CBR929RR or 954RR (fit is the same). I chose to leave this option to the end user rather than A) maintain an inventory and B) limit style and selection. The world is your oyster folks, there are a great many options out there for CBR sets! There ARE a couple caveats, as with any custom installation: - depending on your choice of aftermarket set, you may need to use a pressure style brake switch rather than your oem switch - the stock heat shield is deleted - extreme peg position adjustments may require adjustment of the brake line(s) and/or brake line replacement - new levels of comfort and/or on-track prowess may cause untold amounts of envy from other VFR riders... I will accept pre-orders as defined by a response to this posted list in combination with 50% down payment via paypal. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. As with my clutch cover buy, I'm kicking back $5 of each pre-order to VFRD!
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