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Found 2 results

  1. Had to sell my beautiful 5th Gen recently and found the box of rare parts I never had time to instal. The big ticket items are namely rare Corbin seat (removable passenger backrest), DMr fork kit, and brake de-link kit. None of these were inexpensive, so my loss is your gain.CORBIN LADY GUNFIGHTER SEAT -- SOLD!!! -- This kit was originally $700 which is hard to believe. The leather saddle works in conjunction with the Honda seat cowl for a cool solo look or remove the seat cowl and install the handrails for two up sport touring. With the cowl removed, the saddle design accepts the Corbin removable backrest which is included in this sale. Saddle mounts to the stock internal hardware for a clean installation and is fully adjustable to provide your passenger with a tailored fit. Backrest locks in with a single bolt. SOLD!!! -- 5TH GEN BRAKE DE-LINK KIT -- SOLD!!! -- This kit allows you to convert your 5th gen linked brakes to a standard style setup by swapping VTR1000 (Super Hawk) fork lowers on the 5th gen upper fork tubes and replacing the stock brake parts with standard brakes from Honda models including CBR600 and RC51. I’ve curated nearly every part needed for this from operational, non-damaged parts ordered on eBay over the past year. The only items you will need to purchase are rear brake lines.De-Link Kit Includes:* 2003 RC51 SP2 front brake hose/lines (part num: 45125-MCF-D31) * 2003 CBR 600RR front brake master cylinder assembly (part num: 45510-MEE-006)* 2003 RC51 SP2 rear Brake calipers (part num: 45150-MCF-D32)* 2006 CBR 600F4i rear brake master cylinder assembly (part num: 43510-MBW-E12)* VTR1000 fork lower/ fork case (part num: left side 51520-MBB-003; right side 51420-MBB-003)* 5th Gen Fender mounting brackets from Mello Dude Garage -- these allow you to keep the 5th gen stock fender and mount direct to the VTR1000 lower fork legs. SOLD!!! -- DMr FORK CARTRIDGE KIT -- SOLD!!! Originally purchase for $595 a few years ago. The DMr cartridge kit offers a complete fork upgrade with the addition of having the valving preassembled - that means you do not need to have prior fork revalving experience to install it. The is new in box (NEVER installed) with detailed instructions that guide you through every step. Kit includes all new compression valving, new rebound valving, damping rods and adjustable cap assemblies. Springs are also included.According to Daugherty and folks here on VFRD, there is no other fork upgrade available on the market that offers this level of performance at this price.Kit Includes:* All new DMr BD Series compression valving* All new DMr BD Series rebound valving* Includes springs and spacers for a direct fit* New damping rods and adjustable caps* Adds external damping adjustment on models not equipped from the factory* Valving setup and spring rate configured specifically for each rider and application* Utilizes OEM cartridge tubes, no need to pay for what you don't need* All valving parts are preassembled* Includes detailed instructions for easy installation
  2. Blesk

    6th gen Corbin Seat

    From the album: Farkles for sale

    Corbin seat for 6th gen.
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