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  1. In the fall of 2010 I replaced the fluids in my 06. It was a pretty straight forward task, albeit time consuming. The oil&filter change was easiest. Next easiest was the clutch fluid change - only one straight forward bleeder there to deal with. The coolant change took a little more work. I went all out and removed the drain plugs, replaced their copper crush washers, drained the cross tube under the engine by taking it apart, etc. When I was burping the system after refilling it, I forgot to take the bike off the center stand and put it on the side stand. Purging the system of air is really a lot easier when on the side stand and not the center stand. Lesson learned. Now replacing the brake fluid in my ABS model, that was really something. There are no less than 7 bleeders! It took 3 people to do it. The first person operated the level/pedal and refilled the reservoirs as required, the second person opened/closed each bleeder in succession and the third person was required for the one bleeder that required manually pumping the second master cylinder on the left front brake. I will definitely be looking into SpeedBleeders or Stahlbus Bleeders for the next time to simplify the process. In the meantime, I thought I'd document the procedure I came up with for doing the brake fluid change. The Service Manual has a few errors in it e.g. tells you to remove and tilt up the fr. left caliper but never tells you to reinstall it and it tells you refill and reinstall the lever reservoir cover but then goes on to bleed a few more bleeders that use fluid from that reservoir. There's been a lot of posts about what the correct order is and people having problems with spongy brakes which turned out to be because they forgot a bleeder or did it in the wrong order. The following system worked very well for the two 6th gen ABS models I did last fall. It's not a tutorial per se; there's no pictures and no details (for that, you can look up the excellent HS pictorial-based tutorial or the new Jay-D tutorial) and I didn't include obvious steps like removing the seat etc. Note: although recommended in the FSM and elsewhere, I don't remove the front left caliper for fluid replacement—only when I need to bleed air which is normally not required for fluid replacement. I just manually actuate the SMC with the caliper in place. Works well and you don't risk wearing out the mounting bolts or squeezing the pads together making reassembly difficult. I made an overall hydraulic system picture by combining elements of several pictures from the Factory Service Manual: This took a lot of image manipulation to create but it was worth it. This overall view of the braking hydraulic circuit helps to visualize how the system works. For example, it clearly shows that the Second Master Cylinder (SMC) is refilled from the rear reservoir with the pedal. These are the steps you need to take: - Turn handlebar all the way to the left to level Lever Reservoir - Open Lever and Pedal Reservoirs - Remove old fluid from Lever and Pedal Reservoirs - Fill Lever and Pedal Reservoirs with new fluid - Remove the rear wheel - Remove Rear Brake Caliper and install on top rear of Rear Brake Disc at 10 o'clock position - Maintain fluid level in both Reservoirs at all times Operate the Lever during bleeding of the initial two bleeders in the following order: Lever Brake Line: Master Cylinder to Front Brake Caliper[1] Left Front Brake Caliper outer (upper) bleeder (use Lever) [2] Right Front Brake Caliper bleeder (use Lever) Servo Brake Line: Second Master Cylinder to Servo Proportional Control Valve NOTE: this bleeder (even if it's a SpeedBleeder) must be closed after each manual activation of the SMC; [3a] open Servo Proportional Control Valve bleeder (left/battery side) [3b] manually actuate Second Master Cylinder at Left Front Caliper [3c] close bleeder (if you don't close the bleeder or SpeedBleeder on SPCV, the rear pedal will not force the SMC back out very effectively) [3d] use Pedal to recharge Second Master Cylinder (SMC) repeat [3a]-[3d] several times Servo Brake Line: Rear Proportional Control Valve to Rear Brake Caliper [4] Rear Brake Caliper Center bleeder (use Pedal) Operate the Pedal during bleeding of the remaining three bleeders in the following order: Pedal Brake Line: Rear Master Cylinder to Rear Proportional Control Valve [5] Rear Proportional Control Valve (right side) bleeder (use Pedal) Pedal Brake Line: Rear Proportional Control Valve to Rear Brake Caliper [6] Rear Brake Caliper Outer bleeder (use Pedal) Pedal Brake Line: Rear Master Cylinder to Left Front Brake Caliper [7] Left Front Caliper Center bleeder (use Pedal) - Reinstall Left Front Brake Caliper (if removed) - Reinstall Rear Brake Caliper using new mounting bolts: 2 X 90131-GAA-000, BOLT, FLANGE (8X25) (torque 23ft-lbs) - Refill Lever and Pedal Reservoirs as required to Upper Level Marks - Close Lever and Pedal Reservoirs - Reinstall rear wheel (torque 80ft-lbs)
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