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  1. Why not just use LegalSpeeding's HARD unit? They have a newer unit out that I'm using that is waterproof.

    My friends all use the HARD system, but I decided not to.

    * I can't learn much about circuits that way.

    * Too expensive.

    * Don't want more wires inside my helmet.

    * Don't want to deal with batteries.

    * Friend's HARD system interfered with his phone-to-helmet Bluetooth audio... and I like music while I ride.

    This setup will have one cable to the radar for me to plug in and that's it. I like simple. ;)

    Interesting. I use a Sena SMH10r to bluetooth music from my phone with no issues. First I've heard of anything like that. I'd guess this person having the problem is using an Adaptiv radar instead of an Escort or V1.

    I ran my HARD wire from the back of the helmet through the cheekpad of my helmets, no issues and no wires dangling, invisible really. Batteries on the new one last forever. Cost is $159 and that's cheaper than a ticket, much cheaper considering my speeds. My time is money so for me to build something and pull me away from other duties the DIY would be much more expensive but kudos for tackling it.

    Good luck to you. In daylight I can't see anything being as effective as the HARD unit. Best m/c mod I've ever done.

    This is a very good HARD advertisement. Looking at them right now!

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  2. I like what you're doing a lot. My only concern is that it's not really in your line of sight is it?

    I mounted the Marc Parnes on my V-Strom at the top of the windscreen because when I had it down low (at the base of the screen) I missed an alert and got a 54 in a 35. Never again. Now it goes through my headphones anyway, but I'm watching what you're up to with interest. Good work.

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