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Image Comments posted by TimC



    Great pic and nice form!  Two thoughts:

    Look at the tire contact patch.  Wow.  We put a ton of faith in our tires.  Good thing we all buy good tires!

    If you haven't already, just remove the peg feelers.  One of mine got broken years ago when I dropped the bike, so I just removed them both.  I never get the bike leaned over enough to need that "warning" in the first place, so I haven't missed them.

    VFR SF 1


    As others said above, I would never have guessed this bike is at least 15 years old. It looks brand new. Congrats on the best VFR streetfighter most of us have ever seen! :fing02:

    Also, as others said, if Honda offered this bike for sale, I would buy it.



    Red is my favorite color, and the color of my 6th gen, but this orange is my 2nd favorite color ever for a VFR - tho yellow runs a close 3rd. :fing02:

    The forks and exhaust can look awesome on this, too. smile.gif

  1. Well, that certainly stinks. :( Sorry to see you got tagged.

    The local and state LEOs were out in force this weekend. Sat. night while riding home I saw 3 stops in progress in the space of 1 mile on a local highway. :pissed: Glad I've slowed down a bit the last year or so. ;)

  2. Nice bike and pic, but while trying not to sound like an overprotective parent, jackets and gloves are very worth the cost and any discomfort.

    Or did you post that pic just to bait the ATGATT crowd? :biggrin:

  3. OK, Riv stole my thunder just a bit, but I was gonna say, "They might be giants!"

    So instead I'll just say, "If Paul Bunyan had a motorcycle..."

    Cool pic, Droid. Please thank your midget friend for taking it, LOL.

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