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  1. No change in noise with coil sticks unplugged one at a time. With a stethoscope, I can hear the noise more from the rear cylinders but I could not notice a difference between the left and right. A compression test delivered 95-97psi across the board, which is not within spec but a close range. It might be worth taking some more parts off to have a better look. I think you might be on the right page BusyLittleShop, I might be hearing some piston slap.
  2. 77000km on the bike. Rattle has gotten worse over the last 3000km while I waited for cam chains to arrive. While free revving, it is present between 3-4000rpm. On the road it is present from 3000rpm through the rev range with steady throttle and when backing off and cruising. I don't notice it when on WOT. The sound is more present from the rear barrel up with a stethoscope. No noise at idle. New cam chains and tensioners made no difference. I have also tried manual tensioners with no change. Guides look ok with very little wear. Any suggestions before I have another look for a possible crack in a guide I missed before or a sticking bucket? VFR Rattle.mp4
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