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  1. That plug is from my rectifier I think
  2. I’ve been looking at the wiring and found this would this cause my headlight problem?
  3. Do I just cut and shut or splice another wire into the loop?
  4. I only seem to be blowing the headlights
  5. Would the diff end wattage damage my headlight lens?
  6. This is the globes they sold me. live just checked the voltage, with the key turned on it’s 12.56 volts, when running its 14.09 volts, and fluctuates slightly when reving is this to high?
  7. The globes are 45/45w 12v, apparently Honda use a special light globe for this model.
  8. The globes are 45/45 Honda Dealership, battery sits around 14.6 volt at 5000rpm plus
  9. I agree, makes no sense. my lights do fluctuate while riding which made me think it may be an electrical problem. would a relay issue cause this?
  10. Thanks, my high beams blow as soon as I flicked the switch. I will check the voltage tonight. would there be any electrical reason ?? why they should blow?
  11. Hi All, I need some help please, I have a 99/00 model VFR800 (Australian) My headlight globes keep blowing, I have cleaned and checked both switch blocks. After replacing the globes (and new battery) I blew High beam. however after traveling 900klm I have no headlights at all. I tested the voltage at headlight plug and it reads 12.37volts could this be why my globes keep blowing?? I apricate any help and advice. Cheers
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