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  1. 12 hours ago, TimC said:

    Speaking only for my BMW, a 2020 R nineT Pure, it's been mostly a gem.  This has the older air/oil-cooled engine, and is a fairly simple bike for the most part.  No advanced electronics other than ABS, automatic stability control, and factory grip warmers.  I've put 12,000 miles on it in 16 months since I bought it new and have had just one issue - a bad front wheel bearing, which was covered under warranty.  (3-year warranty is standard, by the way, compared to 1-year on most Big 4 bikes.)  It did use some oil the first 10K miles, but that's not unusual for this engine.  Other than the bad bearing, I've had zero issues, but again, this is a pretty simple bike compared to most newer BMWs.  I've very active on an R nineT forum, and there are no common issues with this model.  In fact, they're very reliable.


    But my Beemer is no VFR.  People don't generally put the miles on this bike that we've put our VFRs, though I'm trying.  😉  But seriously, it's hard to beat a VFR, period.  I really miss my 6th gen. sometimes.  I don't see how the NT can replace a VFR.  It's just not the same.


    Rather ironically it's not the complicated electronic trickery that plays up but rather major mechanical parts and corrosion (in my experience).  I actually had to have part of my engine WELDED on a BMW (less than ten years old) last year as the corrosion was so bad.  The clutch, suspension and battery also failed.  The radiator and final drive weren't in the best of shape either.  I'd bought it secondhand with a full BMW service history some 18 months prior........  Compare that to my same age VFR and the difference has to be seen to be believed.  NO corrosion on it apart from a few bolt heads and the water pump housing.  Absolutely rock solid in feel. 

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  2. On 9/13/2021 at 9:45 PM, jimbob said:

    Honda just needs to update and modernize.. Here's a pic from down by Lake Wallowa a month or so ago... 20210821_073221.thumb.jpg.165980d8ada32786c41547be14ad20de.jpgFull disclosure: I bought a '17 BMW R1200RS this past summer, and have ridden it almost 4000

    miles sines June 16. I have put 3500 miles on the Viffer too..  However, IMHO there is NO comaparison between the Viffer and the Beemer. Yea, it is a much more expensive bike, but it is thoroughly modern in every way... The BMW electronics site, the chassis, suspension, and brakes are far superior... the 1170cc boxer engine is just plain awesome. Ride by wire and e-cruise is a treat when traveling. It weighs 520#... And.. i can get 200 miles from a tank of fuel, which is enough.. So to me it is worth it cost wise..  Dunno if i will keep the '08Viffer or not. I still grin when i ride it... If Honda builds an equally  modern version VFR I would be very tempted to buy in..






    Say hello to some HORRENDOUS build, paint and component quality.  You couldn't pay me to own another BMW.  Absolute piles of steaming shite.  You'll be kicking yourself if you sell the VFR.

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  3. What is your problem with the 1200?


    1 hour ago, bmart said:

    Despite currently owning two of them, I'm not a big VFR fan. I chose the 5th gens because they started to "de-VFR" them after that. I rented an '05 in New Zealand and it was truly one of the worst bikes I've ever ridden. The VTEC was dreadful and made the bike dangerous in any amount of standing water. As the years went on I saw things like "boys in the hood" gold parts which dragged down the brand. Then they removed gear driven cams. Then the 1200... for me, it all ended in 2001. I recommend newer ones to friends, but I don't think I'd own one. If memory serves, they added electonics too...which I despise on a motorbike more than in a car. I'm sure that the later ones are really great bikes to own and ride, but I wish they called them something else...


    The R/W/B are gorgeous, as are the earlier and later white models. Visually, nearly all of the family look pretty great. 


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