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  1. Thank you, JZH and Cogswell, for the information. I was really hoping that someone out there had stumbled onto a suitable, aftermarket replacement. As mentioned in the earlier thread, it is odd that this particular petcock is so hard to come by. I had no problem finding a replacement for a 1988 supermagna. It appears that I will need to rebuild the current petcock. With half the year being winter, I've got time. I will post a photo of Sally soon. Thanks again. AJO
  2. Hey, New to this. Been a VFR enthusiast since 1985. Yes, I'm very old. Anywho, I have a 1990 vfr750 that is my baby. I bought it in 2010 on the heals of a divorce from a woman who in 1998 talked me into selling my 1991 vfr, because it was dangerous. Women. The bronze rims were ugly anyway. (My apologies to those who disagree.) With all of that said, Sally, my current love interest, (affectionately nicknamed by my eldest son) has developed a leaking petcock. I have scoured the internet looking for a new petcock or even a rebuilt one to no avail. I am hoping that someone out there can help me. Is there an aftermarket replacement that someone else has found that fits and works well? Or, do I need to rebuild my current petcock? Regardless, because of my very leaky bladder, I have been forced to ride a 2003 blackbird this summer and while it has plenty of cajones, it has none of the class. Please help.
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