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  1. Hi Grum, Thank you for your answer. I'll check the plug and try to disconnect and reconnect it. I'll also measure the resistance of the sensor, which should be between 4800 and 5200 Ohm @ 25°C according to the service manual. Everything else with the LCD works correctly. I'll keep you updated - I should receive new dashboard lightbulbs some time from now, I'll check it while the front fairing is unmounted. Edit : some fairing clips are missing and I didn't set up the inner fairing correctly, thus the temperature sensor was warmed up by the radiator on the right side... What a fool of me ! Anyway thank you for your help and ride safe. Enzo
  2. Hi all, I'm experiencing something weird on my 5th gen VFR (RC46D) : when I start the bike, the displayed ambiant temperature is correct but the more I ride, the more the displayed temperature goes up. Yesterday it finished at 31°C and it was 5°C outdoor. The sensor is at its place. Any idea ? Thank you, ride safe. Enzo
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