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    VFR800F - 99 MV Agusta F4 750SR - BMW R65 Tracker build - Aprilia AF1 125/145 trackday tool

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  1. Hi All! Finally, after more than 25 years there is now again a VFR in my garage 🤩 Back in 1992 - 94 I lived in England, in the Manchester area -- and my only means of transport were a mountainbike and my feet -- Since I had several old bikes back in Denmark (BMW R27 and RD350YPVS) I decided to buy my dream-bike at the time: a 1989 VFR750 I really loved that bike, and only traded it in because I went all Italian, and bought a Duc 900SS -- Despite scary stories of poor reliability, that 900SS ran almost trouble-free for 35000 miles 😮 -- only "repair" was a set of steering head bearings- I now own an even more reliable Italian -- an MV Agusta F4 750SR -- But it is really too valuable and too cramped to be an everyday ride, and definitely NOT even a short range tourer -- so it mostly spends its time on tracks and when going to varoius meets and "tyre-kicking sessions" where I can show off my Italian beauty😍 - It actually is the most reliable bike I have ever owned - It never misses a beat, starts every time on the first stab of the button, and goes like nothing else I've ever owned, If you havent tried one - do it at least once in your life I used to own a Ducati ST4S, but it ended up with quite a milage, and too much trouble -- Fantastic sportstourer, with all the handling and low down grunt you would expect from a 996 Duc .. but too unreliable - So Within budget I found a 1999 VFR800F -- Just picked it up yesterday - All dressed up with new Pirelli Angel GT II's new brakes and new chain and sprocket kit .. 96000 km on the clock, and not looking nearly 22 years old -- runs perfectly -- I'm very happy to be back on a VFR --
  2. Hi dkdravis, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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