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  1. I concur. In parting, I will just say "thanks for the input, Auspanglish." Cheers. - ET
  2. For sure, I plan on searching the existing stator threads as well. I only mentioned it here because the immediacy of the recent events that occurred on SumSum to a couple of peeps. Cheers.
  3. I don't want to turn this into a "technical thread" ….. b-u-u-t-tttt. 😜 A quick question: my '99 5th-Gen Viffer is now north of 50,000 miles. I have replaced the regulator/rectifier with a better unit … and I have the upgraded wiring harness thingy. But should I also be thinking about just replacing the stator as a "just in case?" And if so, what with? Stock unit? Or is there something better out there? T'anks! - ET
  4. Sounds like it was a good SumSum. 👍 Wishing everyone a safe ride home.
  5. You're not alone, sir. Several of us had to back out last minute due to "life issues and demands." :^( We'll just have to raise a beer in their general direction and celebrate the fact that at least 'some' of the inmates were able to escape the asylum for a while. :^) Cheers, you guys … and have too much fun!
  6. Yup. Standard cool-down on a VFRD SumSum evening. That just put a big smile on my face. :^)
  7. While we're bummed we won't be with you guys this year … we are happy that you will have good weather. :^) Have too much fun … and remember: "Here's to no tickets, no crashes, no fatalities …. forever and ever, amen."
  8. Randy et Stoosan are officially out. On the good side, Shade was able to take over our room reservation at the Rocket Motel. I'll still be lurking on this thread -- but probably not very active. Be safe, y'all …. and have way too much fun. Just remember the nightly toast: "Here's to no tickets, no crashes, no fatalities. Forever and ever, amen." Cheers. - RandyB
  9. Oh, wait a minute. I think I may have just got it. Oy. <grin>
  10. Perhaps I wasn't clear. We cannot attend SumSum4 … and already have reservations at the Rocket Motel. We will be cancelling our room on Wednesday afternoon and asking them to hold the room in Shade's name (another VFRD SumSum4 attendee). Then Shade will call the Rocket, say howdy, they'll finalize the reservation in his name. And Bob's your uncle.
  11. Shade has expressed an interest in sliding into our room reservation at the Rocket Motel. So will follow up the with the motel peeps on Wednesday afternoon and then update later. Thanks, Shade! - ET
  12. Well … we have been waiting and hoping …. but NONE of our Powerball tickets have proven to be winners. So, with the impending big bill ($8-11K USD) for our sewer main repair looming on the immediate horizon … E-Ticket and The Flying Ant are going to have to withdraw from SumSum4. Which just sucks. :^( We were so looking forward to seeing everyone again. We have a room reserved at the host Rocket Motel from July 10-13. We are going to be contacting the Rocket Motel on Tuesday/Wednesday to cancel our reservation and get our first night deposit back. Before doing so, I wanted to check to see if there are any VFRD peeps that wish to slide into our reservation room before the Rocket Motel just frees it up for general use. Please reply back as soon as you can -- as we will be pulling the plug on Wednesday, late afternoon. Cheers! -- RandyB
  13. Well …. crap. E-Ticket and The Flying Ant are getting kind of tired of the "it's your turn in the barrel." 😥 We had to bow out of the last VFR PNW rally due to getting our 1930's house's cinderblock foundation reinforced. We are now bullet-proof and hopefully earthquake-'resistant.' :^) But it took MAJOR bucks to pull off. Fast forward to 2018 and we were totally jazzed about SumSum4 in Custer! (We went north after SumSum3 was over and did Custer/Rushmore/NeedlesHighway/Devil'sTower. Had a total ball.) We have a room reserved at the Rocket Motel and were so looking forward to seeing everyone again. But. BUT. Gawd … life always seems to have a 'but' here and there. :^( After a major blockage, we have been informed that our main sewer line exiting the house is 80% blocked by tree roots coming into the pipe joints. Arrghhhh!!! Worse yet? Our main sewer line runs under a concrete wall and driveway/sidewalk. Initial quote from one plumbing firm was $11,000 freeekin' US dollars to do a pipe burst/replacement. 😳 …. 😣…. 😭 We're hoping to get more bids so we can get the price down … but it's still going to hurt something awful. So we have the time set aside for SumSum4 … but it looks like the funds for it are about to go bye-bye. :^( At this point, we are going to be a 'no-show.' crapcrapcrapcrap. ☹️ That being said -- we are not 'officially' throwing in the towel until later in June. Because, hey …. miracles happen all the time, right? :^) At that point, we'll pull the plug … talk to y'all … and release our reserved room at the Rocket Motel in case someone wants to grab it. -- Randy et Stoosan
  14. "He's my da-a-aaa-aaaaa--dddd ...."
  15. BTW ... The Rocket Motel is down to just a couple of rooms. If someone is sitting on the fence about the wisdom of joining us ... better go poke 'em.
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