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  1. In the end I brought the panel to an auto electrician and required a replacement panel which i sourced second hand from Spain (surprisingly very few out there). Thanks everyone for help cheers
  2. So I suppose the first thing to say is that I am not an auto electrician otherwise I would not have asked the question and therefore there is a high chance i mispoke when using the term short in the panel as clearly i have noidea, I do appreciate all the help and feed back I have been given. The switch stopped working subsequently to the panel not working so I wasnt able to ride the bike, To that end I pulled the switch apart and cleaned the contacts and put back together as there was an amount of suface rust which seems to have sorted that issue. After runing through t
  3. ok so update time. I have the panel off and found corrosion in the ignition switch which seems to have caused a short in the panel as the connections looked ok for the rest of the electirc s( indicator switched etc . so i guess i will be looking for a replacement panel for a 2008 , any suggestions cheers
  4. Grum thanks for getting back to me: I have checked the fuses on the right side of the cowling neat the handle bars and all seemed to be working order, I have not checked the connector of the instrument panel as I am unsure how to access this, would thia involve removing the screen etc so ? and yes I have a multimeter that I could use to check the connection once I have gained access . so i will take a look at this at the weekend thanks
  5. HI all I have a 2008 vfr800 non abs . i recently went to start teh bike and the speedo , the tacho,fuel gauge and temperature gauge stopped working . however i was able to start the bike . Any help troule shooting this would be appreciated regards
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