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  1. I have NOT thought of making a coil "tester" ... I may have to try that... nothing ventured........ I've tries most everything else... and of course, thanks ,guys for your insights into my problem..Dan
  2. Oh, Im hip on "grasping at straws" The pulse gens are putting out a good 4-5 V.... according to "THE MANUAL" the minimum is .7 V..... There appears to be no degradation of the signal because that same value is read at the ICM connector..... I did not see where there was much adjustments for the pulse gens... three bolts out-- three bolts in.. I understand the possibility of #1 above... if that IS the case, then no ICM will work properly until you rewire another connector in place.....
  3. Battery voltage at Black/White and Green (Ground) is 11,9 (Battery is charging) Voltage on all four coils is the same... 11,9.. I' initially used my inductive timing light, which showed "No Spark".... then, with a grounded spark plug... which also did not spark.
  4. Here's the "100 volts minimum I mentioned...... Since the Black/White wire is a constant voltage from the battery and only drops slightly while cranking... Did I err? Here
  5. Voltage on the Black/White wire is 12.8 dropping to 10.8 while cranking.... coils are ohming at 3.4..... with a confirmed good ground... and sidestand and neutral switch confirmed good grounds. Battery is new and fully charged at the beginning of this test. Pulse coils are ohming at 311 ohms, with a 4-5 VDC pulse... still no spark....Dan
  6. While grasping at straws, I did take both the side stand and neutral switch off the circuit and just let the ICM see a ground. Still nothing. I'm open to whatever is necessary to hear it run. Once I can see where the prob is, I can reintroduce the good parts back into the system. Right now, no configuration I can come up with works. Thoughts? Dan
  7. Thanks for the insight... I have the '90-95 Honda Service Manual which primarily gives resistance values and a diagnostic flow chart. I also have the 1997 Honda Service Manual for the VFR750F. It deals more with actual performance parameters. ( And the same circuit layout as the other manual) ...It says (on page 17-5, when checking the 4 ignition coil primary leads from the ICM), "Peak voltage: 100 V minimum." I am using a Klein MM400 multimeter and an Ideal 61-310 multimeter, both having an impedance of 10 megohm/DCV, with a peak voltage adapter. I will recheck again (because I'm an old man and I forget things a lot) the cranking voltage at the primary side of the coils. As I remember, It does not drop during cranking, which could be a short in the primary coil. Thanks, and clearly, you know your stuff... Dan
  8. Yup... layout is the same as I've been using to test. Pulse gens are ohming out at 311 ohms....and between 4-5 volts on peak voltage. All wires at the ICM connector read the same as the values that are found at the respective, and pass the wiggle test at the ICM connector. Even disconnected all the ground wires from their respective attaching points, ganged them them all together for a massive "danged sure ground" at a known hardpoint... Nada... (and thanks for the fast response BTW)
  9. Guys.... I have a 1997 VFR that won't spark Was running find then died.... not like turning off the switch, but started missing, then nothing., I have tools, good mechanic skills, reference manuals, and, thanks to this problem, no more hair. This is a well maintained bike so neglect really isn't a factor. I have done dilligent wire tracing, tried three (3) different ICM's, replaced the pulse sensor, replaced coils, getting continuity, where specified...pulse sensor is sending 4-5 volts, battery is new (fully charged before testing), side stand checks good, neutral switch is good, but I'm only getting about 65-70 volts coming from the ICM to the primary side of the coils.... (Manual says 100 VDC minimum). There is no spark on any plug. I need another set of eyes with more experience looking at this.
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