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  1. UPDATE, APRIL 29, 2021 I don't have a ton of time to tinker, so I just rode my bike with the IAT sensor unplugged while I waited for a new one. I finally got the new one installed and.....solved, I think! I've only gotten out once so far but it doesn't surge anymore with a new IAT sensor! It may be worth a look if you're having issues....
  2. I am getting 9 flashes, yes. I've got a new sensor on the way as I don't have a ton of time for diagnostiscs ATM. I'll post something in this thread when I get a result.
  3. The 02 sensors aren't plugged in, so I'm not sure they're the issue. I'll be sure the check the rubber manifold insulators when I'm under there. Thanks!
  4. A vacuum leak is a distinct possibility. I ordered some vacuum line and will be pulling the throttle body in order to replace as much of it as I can. The bike is nearly 20 years old at this point and just needs new hoses, so I'll be doing that and the coolant lines. I guess what's weird is that the bike only starts surging and leaning out once it gets to temp. Or is that weird?
  5. Yeah, that's a typo haha. 330 ohm resistors per the instructions I found elsewhere on this board. Right now my action plan is just to replace the IAT sensor and test. Will report back ASAP.
  6. I have both O2 sensors unplugged and have 30 ohm resistors in place. I guess I'll start by replacing the sensor since it's fairly inexpensive at $35. I would love for the issue to be a bad sensor, but wouldn't it throw a code when plugged in?
  7. So far I haven't gotten the key trick to work for me. Installing the power commander did help a little, so now I guess I just need to figure out how to build a tune around however it is my bike is running without that IAT sensor installed.
  8. I bought my first VFR in February and I love it, but...it has that surging issue that I've seen a lot of people dealing with. I finally broke down an installed a PCV and installed the stock Dyno tune. That did help, but what actually made the surging disappear was the fact that I forgot to plug the IAT sensor back in while digging around under the airbox. So what am I getting at? Is there a way to simulate whatever it happening when the IAT is unplugged using the PCV? I'm honestly fine with leaving it unplugged if that's what works, but I would prefer to have the PCV do its job and the IAT do its job as well. Thanks in advance, you've all been such a huge help already!
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