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  1. Hahahaha funny you should say that I’ll grab a picture of it shortly every wire is black lmao
  2. Thanks guys it had a alarm fitted and someone has chopped the wires of it it sits under the seat I’m just thinking would i be better of reposing the wiring loom as there is looms avail on eBay for £40
  3. Hi every one thanks for the add to the group I have a 1996 p regarding vfr750 bought from a salvage auction with only the back lights broken of when I got the bike home after a quick check over there was a bit more to this bike than I first thought battery missing,valve ripped from rear wheel and it’s had a alarm fitted and wires chopped of it anyway put booster pack on the battery terminals ignition on and yes we have full lights but when pressing the start button it dims the dash and headlights and refuses to turn over just a slight noise from what seems
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