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  1. As an American of Chinese descent, I think I can safely critique them without the PC police coming after me. It appears that the chinese only think in 1 dimension whenever they try to produce something, usually it falls along the aesthetic characteristic, i.e. Does it look the part? Everything else be damned as they race to the bottom. They don’t care about build quality, they don’t care about performance - if it does actually perform it will be a side effect and not intentional. Most likely, your bike will look fast from 20 ft away assuming its stationary. When you start up it will be a cacophonous assault on the ears of everyone within ear shot. Hopefully, you will remove it before it does either physical or mechanical damage to your bike. Ultimately in the end, we will all have suffered from the Chinese taking away business from the people that actually try - Akrapovic, yoshimura and Arrow - I have staintunes and love them.
  2. I’m about to do my wiring upgrade last component I’m searching for is the regulator adapter plate for the stock location I stumbled upon a forum user selling them but I can’t find the post anymore For reference I’m using the FH020AA unit thanks for the help
  3. Givi Rack + M5 Monokey plate Have all included bolts as well $100 shipped
  4. bring all those batteries to Oreilly autozone for $5/ea
  5. Thanks I was referring to fork height at which point it is clamped to the triple tree - this has the effect on trail - which is part of the geometry. the Preload adjusters - are the mechanical compression of the fork springs. The shock rebound adjustment has to do with the control of fluid dynamics. The geometry I was referring to is the shock length, measured from eye to eye or eye to clevis. What I want to do is get the bike back to the showroom or factory handling characteristics and see how it behaves. Right now I know the correct suspension adjustment values and I know the geometry measurements but that's a single point, what I want to get is a second reference point so I know how to make my adjustments to optimize the bike for my desired riding behavior.
  6. Hi Gotama, Yes I'm familiar with how this is done, I wanted to basically zero the bike first and see it how it is at stock geometry and then I was going to tear through rebuilding the forks etc
  7. Cold cranking amps are the main concern. I have been using lithium ion batteries where ever weight is concerned due to the premium cost of lithium over traditional lead batteries. The self discharge rate of the lithium ion batteries that I have used have been way more prominent when compared to the lead acid/agm. In my track cars I had been using the WPS lithium ion battery meant for like a Snowmobile (s2000) and it has worked admirably but it doesn't have the warranty of the factory Panasonic AGM Honda Battery which has easily gone 96 months. On my track bikes I have used shorai and also WPS and I prefer the WPS because the BMS is onboard so you don't have to carry some weird shorai balancer with it's very specific connector. Battery Tender brand recently came out with their very reasonably priced lithium ion powersports batteries and they have been pretty spot on. On this giant whale of a motorcycle, the lithium ion wasn't making a dent in terms of performance for me as the suspension and other parts of the bike were going to need upgrading before weight ever became a factor.
  8. Hi I bought a previously loved VFR800 just trying to get it dialed in and wanted to know what some of the stock suspension settings were. Front Forks: Overall fork length with full extension if possible Distance from stock triple clamp to fork cap - disregard clip ons as mine came with helibars Rear suspension: Shock length From here I'm hoping to then dial in suspension preload and then fool around with the adjustments
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