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  1. Bosch universal is much bigger. It’s not going to fit.
  2. thanks for the offer Mohawk. I think the one I have is good. I now have the new thermostat and new coolant. Just need the time to do it. I’ve got to replace my roof first though, so I’m a way off getting any time to do it. Maybe evenings if I can get it inside again 😉
  3. To update the thread and prevent anyone else trying. The Bosch universal is way bigger and not even compatible thread wise. It’s about 4 times the size of the Honda one 😉
  4. I have fitted a used O2 sensor from a 2017 VFR800 with 3,800 miles on it. £11 from eBay. Honda want £498 for a new one! That’s a tenth of the price I paid for the whole bike...ridiculous. I was going to try a Bosch universal sensor, but I don’t think there’s room between the exhaust and engine as it’s a bit longer. Thermostat replacement and proper blanking plates on the pairs valves is next. Quite a lot to move out of the way first though. At least she will have fresh coolant too.
  5. There actually isn’t a fuel pressure regulator on the rail. It’s incorporated into the fuel pump apparently
  6. Thanks Mohawk. That is very useful information. I’ll double check the manual for the paths.
  7. I’ve fitted the used sensor and it’s a pretty tight fit. No fault codes. Don’t think the Bosch unit will fit. I’ll have to return it. I tested the warm up cycle again and the rads are definitely starting to get warm at temperatures below 70. I’m more convinced it’s the thermostat. I’ll definitely replace this when it arrives and update the thread if there is an improvement in mpg and warm up cycle.
  8. You did ask for photos.....I’ll stop now
  9. the trick is to ‘float’ the idea to gauge the possibility. Then when she goes out with the kids, quickly get it inside, up on paddock stands and take off the wheels. Then it’s there and not much can be done about it 😉 seriously though, she was impressively cool about it after the initial shock 😜
  10. BOTH of course 😉
  11. It is a pyramid hugger. Seems pretty good so far. suspension is Hyperpro front and back. Shock is adjustable progressive spring Front springs are progressive, but zero adjustment available. Would need Andreani carts to achieve that. Maybe one day, but couldn’t afford it or justify it at the time.
  12. Ha! Not married but been with her 20 years and 2 kids. Took some persuasion 😉
  13. I bought a low mileage (3700 miles ) VFR800 2017 used sensor for £11 on eBay as a backup plan. Honda are taking the mick with their pricing. Unforgivable.
  14. I’ve gone for a Bosch universal for £46 delivered. Can return if no good. it has to fit here, so hopefully it’ll be ok
  15. Or maybe this is a better bet?
  16. Then there’s these with strange name / branding. But the similarities are startling. Both the original and this one have Japan written on them same font, same construction ( probe end aside ) Different connector but could attach the one from the original.
  17. First 3 images are the Honda sensor and connector Last image is what I’ve found on Amazon. Question is will the sensor fit the exhaust. The wiring connector looks perfect, even down to the wire colours
  18. Thanks Danno. That all makes sense. I’ll look into O2 sensors. stat and new o ring are already ordered. When I’m doing the stat, I’m going to replace the pairs covers that have blind ended tubes on them with proper milled ally covers to remove the possibility of any leaks at those points.
  19. I’m pretty certain the Crossrunner came with these as standard from the factory
  20. the plugs picture is the old plugs from a few months ago. New plugs were installed when I upgraded the suspension. I had the tank up, so decided to do it at the same time. the O2 eliminator is being used as a test to see if the sensor is malfunctioning. I will refit if I can ascertain if it is still operating normally. Waiting for workshop manual to test this. So are you saying I could buy a universal sensor and fit it to the Honda connector. I’m thinking it’s the thermostat. Surely the rads shouldn’t be getting hot at 76 degrees. It’s only supposed to open at 80-8
  21. Believe me, if I had a route to work that involved fast roads I would be exploring more of the Rev range. Our capital cities roads are clogged with cars, dotted with speed cameras and filled with potholes you could lose the front end in. They are in a truly embarrassing condition. Add in drivers that either don’t care or are too stoned to notice you and you can imagine the consequences of excessive speed. That said, it was nice to get out on faster roads and I do need to do it more.
  22. Searching through other posts I found something that rang a bell. When I bought the bike I remember it had a slight milky deposit in the oil window. it disappeared quickly and hasn’t returned but......it’s all starting to point to a thermostat that is stuck open. poor mpg, rads warming too early, low running temperature, and now this ⬇️
  23. interesting Mohawk, Air filter is spot on I am starting to suspect the thermostat. I ordered a used unit for £10 basically for the housing as an insurance measure in case I have trouble opening the one on the bike currently and have a new actual stat and o ring on the way. I might try this before committing to a Honda dealer inspection and basically allowing them to empty my wallet. It’d be far more satisfying to sort it myself. As an update, I went out for a nice steady run today with more open roads and some motorway miles. Filled up and zeroed everyt
  24. As it says “modern fuel injection has rendered this technique obsolete” I’ll stick with a slow and steady test. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the engine when I can. I love this bike. I just want to make sure she’s running right.
  25. ??? You’ve lost me there
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