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  1. Thanks for that mate seems there’s a distributor in Australia so I’ll chase them up. There’s several different options but the smart option is the unit you are describing. I’ll get a quote and go from there. I’ll let you know how I go and send you some feedback cheers once again. if we’re ever able to travel again then pop over to Aus and we’ll go for a spin! 🙂
  2. Hi mate I had the bike on the side stand when bleeding the air out. the bike does seem to be running on the upper end of the temps you quoted but improves with each ride so I’ll just monitor it and see what happens thanks though. any help and feedback is apprec
  3. Thanks Cogs I’m a little less worried now as I’ve just had a burst up the highway and it never got above 100C seems to be improving with each ride and I guess the fact that it sat unloved for two years has contributed to this issues I’m having. just one other question from a new to VFR guy when rolling the throttle on in 5th or 6th there’s a significant flat spot at 6500rpm this seems to be just as the vtec takes effect. is this the norm or should a tune and Dyno be done to try and eliminate it? it’s a fairly smooth Revving bike so it’s quite noticeabl
  4. Thanks Guys I might need to drop the coolant again and change it for he Honda variant Ill also change the cap and pull off the bottom hoses to see what I can find as far as dirt and build up. It’s simply going to be a process of elimination and I’m sure eventually I’ll get it under control. it’s a smooth ride so I’m still happy
  5. I might drop the radiators off completely and clean properly and then see how that goes. thanks
  6. I thought that may be the case. I figured if it wasn’t working at all the bike would overheat fairly quickly when I changed the coolant I ran the bike up to temp and the coolant level dropped suddenly so I assume that was evidence of the thermostat opening.
  7. Hi guys awesome response so thanks for that! Had another ride today to see what the milder ambient temp today affects the running temp and had a slight improvement. bike sits at around 100- 106 Celsius while cruising at highway speeds and the fan is kicking in at approximately 104 as per normal. noticed it does fluctuate and did get as high as 112 while at the lights but seems to reduce quickly once on my way. when flushing the coolant I noticed that the amount of air in the system wasn’t significant but it did vent slowly and I blipped as per the instructions. I hav
  8. Hi there. im new to the VFR800 world but far from new to motorcycles I have recently acquired a neat example of the VFR800 but the bike seems to be running quite hot. I have change coolant and cleaned k&N filter. flushed it and it doesn’t boil. bike sat for almost 2years prior to me buying it. going for a decent run in temps above 30 degrees Celsius the bike got as high as 112 C didn’t get hotter but didn’t come down. can anyone tell me if there’s still a likely issue here or is that the normal operation temp of this type of bike
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