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  1. Grum, The 4P plug at the starter relay was a bit 'powdery' (for lack of better terms) around the female connector but nothing that would lead me to believe that the issue is originating there. What do you think?
  2. Grum, the instrument cluster starts reseting and blinking but the engine doesnt die as I immediately turn around and head back to the garage. And yes the voltage is 14.5V the whole time. 😅😅😅 Do you think that the gauge cluster issue could have been caused by the charging issue but now that (supposedly) the charging issue is resolved the gauge cluster has been in some way damaged?
  3. Grum, I would agree if it werent for the fact that the bike died (before replacing the RR and stator).
  4. Hi all, I still have my beloved 1998 VFR - right at 18,000 miles. A few weeks back the dreaded gauge cluster resetting started - (clock reset, trip resent). Before I could address it the entire gauge cluster died and then a few seconds later so did my bike. I thoroughly checked the R/R, battery, and Stator and ALL checked out fine. However since these (especially the R/R) are weak points in our electrical system I replaced them both - Mofset style for the R/R. Not only did I replace them but I direct wired the R/R to the stator. Took the bike out the next day and the gauge cluster started resetting again - U turn back to my garage. I then removed all plastics and checked all connections around the batter, fuse block, and gauge cluster. I also removed the awful green ground 'block' that we have on the 5th gens and direct wired all grounds. Also, checked the ground connection on the right side of the frame - all good - no corrosion or discoloring. Lastly, I installed a voltmeter. Just came back from a ride and the gauge cluster (after approximately 5 miles) started to to reset, blink, etc. The voltage (per the voltmeter) is rock solid at 14.5 volts at any RPM above idle. It literally does not move. At idle it will go down to about 12.7. Am I at the point that Im going to have to start removing tape from my wiring harness to look for burnt or frayed wires or am I missing something?? Again I have not replaced the batter but there doesnt appear to be a reason to even go down that route (and expense). Can anyone shed some light on this???
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