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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! The previous owner was a mechanic -- changed the brake fluid every six months, etc. Had a detailed printout of all of the maintenance he's done and when it was done. Top shelf. And yes, I'm mechanically minded also and will thoroughly enjoy taking great care of the bike. Rode the bike home and was comfortable in just a few minutes. What an awesome sounding, smooth riding machine. A little worried about the rectifier / regulator / stator issues that some have mentioned -- can't tell if that's only 2002 and back or if I should proactively
  2. Well, I've wanted one of these machines for 30 years. Finally bit the bullet. Found a beautiful '03 in Norcal. Snatched it up and can't wait for good weather! Been lurking for a week or so and wanted to say hello. Bought it from the second owner who babied this machine. 34K miles. Man am I excited!!!
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