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  1. The deeper I look the more I think that this is the reason that I did not fit the SH775 to the Daytona 650, it had a redline at 14K rpm and being a 650 IL4 it got above 7K a lot as that's where the fun was, same thing with the VFR VTEC. So, it might be up for sale, years old but still new in the box while I look for the SH847, fitted to a friends bike as standard apparently (V-strom 1000 2016). I thank you both for your help.
  2. Okay thank you, the one that I am looking at tomorrow has 42K miles so fitting the 775 will be good preventative maintenance The mosfet seem to be way more popular but the series type 775 makes the stator run cooler, I don't think many bikes had sufficient oil flow to make the stator live forever with a shunt type regulator saturating it's coils to regulate voltage. From what I have seen online, the wiring will need some modification to make any of the more modern Regulators fit, I think I have the plugs in a "safe place" from Eastern Beaver... Plenty to have a go at. As for my current bike, it's too good for me, so good I find it bland, the VFR from sound alone offers character.
  3. Hi folks, I haven't even bought a VFR yet but have settled on one as my next bike, 6th gen looks the best to me.. To the point, clearing the garage out I found a few nice things that I had totally forgotten about, including a SH775 Reg/Rec still in it's Polaris box. So is this still a good option for a VFR800? it seems from my limited research that cooling is important for this one but with it being mounted near the radiator I think it should get plenty of air? It must have been bought for my old Daytona 650, that thing fried 2 stators.
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