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  1. ok, thanks guys. There are two small release clips on the bottom of both connectors, also there is a larger clip at the top of both connectors, about 1 inch in width. I have been spending the winter performing maintenance and electrical mods, im trying to be careful with these connectors, it would help if i knew at what point they come apart, will continue to play with it. my haynes manual simply says to disconnect, no details whatsoever. bog
  2. Has anybody disconnected the electrical connections at the ecu, i was going to disconnect them for inspection and cleaning, but im not sure at what point they disconnect, some very careful prying and pulling hasnt worked, im trying to be very careful here. Where are the release clips? any help would be appreciated. bog
  3. Thanks grum, it sounds like what the bike needs, i ordered one this evening..bog
  4. Grum, thanks for the answer, my experience with engines and mechanical items has been lifelong, rode motorcycles for 40 years, ran a mc shop for 5 years, bsa norton triumph, 25 year aircraft mechanic, the engine on my bike definetly acts lean, never the less, this winter i will strip the bike and perform all the mods i can, electrical etc. i will also go through the fuel system, fuel inj. filter, regulator, plugs.. i have set the throttle cable freeplay to min, my bike is a 2003, with 5400 miles, has been well taken care of, my idle is 1300, at low throttle settings you can feel the bike is
  5. Just curious, are these settings relevant to a 6th generation, i synched my 2003 the other day and set all 4 cylinders the same, but i still have what i call a stutter just off idle, the motor acts lean at low rpm to me, i am used to carbureated engines, i had an 1987 vfr 700, which was a super machine, very friendly to work on and tune, does anyone know the exact reason for setting 5th generation engines with different vacuum readings, im wondering if 6th gen. would benefit from a different setting, anyone have any input?
  6. Looking for a few names of companies that do vfr injector cleaning, im in upper michigan. i wonder if i should just buy new ones as my bike is a 2003, with 5500 miles, they could just be corroded by now, i have a low rpm miss and stumble, i have synched the throttle valves, but it definetly acts as if its lean mixture at that point, i am used to carbureated bikes, i had a 1987 vfr brand new, it was much more user friendly than these fuel injected bikes, any info would be appreciated...bog
  7. My apologies, somehow i missed the fifth generation aspect.
  8. Hi fellas, received a carbtune yesterday and synched the starter valves today, i was going to set #3 to 20mm above and # 4 to 10mm above as per some of the posts in this website. My bike ,which is a 2003 non abs, has the # 4 cylinder as the non adjustable one, so i set all cylinders at the level of #4. I have a better low end now, but still not quite right, its not happy at low rpm, always hunting so to speak. So what am i missing here, the posts have stated that #1 was the non adjustable ,but my bike it is #4. my bike is #4 right hand front, #2 left hand front, #1 left hand rear, and # 3 ri
  9. Ok guys, so on starter valve synchro, set #3 20 mm higher than #1, set #4 10 mm higher than #1, and this is increased vacuum on the guage right? silly question maybe but, set #2 the same as #1? 25 year aviation mechanic, ive been trained to be absolutely specific, never assume anything... bog
  10. ok, thanks guys, will find a heavy duty fuse holder and install it, starting to get cold up here in northern michigan...bog
  11. Dear folks, my 30 amp fuse holder is slightly yellowed, located directly under the seat, it has gotten hot at some point, is there a fix for this? 2003 vfr, not abs, any help is appreciated. bog
  12. I havent received my service manual yet so i have a few questions, when syncing the starter valves, do you prop the tank up at the front? I have ordered a carbtune pro 4, should have it in a week. I used to sync carbs back in the 80s with a mercury column tool, worked pretty good. Do youknow if this carbtune pro 4 requires any additional equipment to sync a 2003 vfr 800, tubing adaptors etc... also i have read that the 6th generation interceptors have different vacume readings for the 4 cylinders to be synced correctly? Any info would be greatly appreciated. bog
  13. Squirrelman, are you using feeler guages to sync the carbs, i wondered if that method would work. bog
  14. ok, thanks guys, ill start looking for one..bog
  15. What are some of the carb balancing tools you fellas would recommend, just needs to do the job reliably, preferably one that comes with any required fittings to make the connections. any opinions would be appreciated....bog
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