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  1. Those are rubber pads of some sorts. There are small ones under Honda logo on the tank as well. I thought these were cosmetic mods, But you are right , maybe to hide some scuffs. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Thanks, the fairing do fit pretty well actually. I couldn't believe someone would spend so much time putting all those stripes , they line up perfectly. I am going to have another closer look before closing the deal. If someone did put all the effort, it's a shame because I am going to take them off and being it back to the stock cleaner look. 😬
  3. Hi all,I am looking at a used 2008 VFR800. I saw the bike in person , except for overly oily chain, it looked clean.Seller didn't let me ride it but it started fine and made all the right noises. However one thing has been bothering me, the bike has stripes all over the body work , he said the previous owner had installed stickers. To me it looks like an aftermarket fairing.What do you think?
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