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  1. Thanks for all the greetings! I know VFRD will be a great resource as I get mine back into good running order. Thanks for the tips, mello dude. I will probably do the R/R upgrade over the winter. At the moment the charging seems OK and the thermostat (another common trouble area) is working. Dutchy, thanks for the greeting. Have you met Itchy Boots (Noraly) yet? I'm pretty sure something is farked up with the rear brakes but I appreciate the advice about using both of them in this linked system MaxSwell. I'm going to rebuild the caliper and MC for starters a
  2. Well I did it -- snagged a 2001 a couple of weeks ago after months of searching. Here it is after riding it home from the seller's house in CT (~100 mi). My restomod 1978 CB550 under the cover there has been my main ride. I love it but it is not very powerful and I don't fully trust it to hold up to long trips and I'm still searching for mods to get more powerful front braking without changing the vintage look. After recently having the "joy" of rebuilding the 550's carbs I decided it's long-distance mate would have to be fuel-injected, and the 5th Gen VFR t
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